Mission R: Rhinehart Redux

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Mission R: Rhinehart Redux
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission Q: Hassan the Hero
Next Mission S: Rescue Nabakov

Official Guide

Who and Where

Go to the Prison Pits on Hades. (The location isautomatically transferredto your PAD when David invites you there.)

Key Information

Rhinehart tells all:

Your real name is Vell Ricaud II. You are one of the sons of Vell Ricaud, and heir to a company called Ricaud Interplanetary. You have a younger brother named Sar. While your father was alive, you developed the amyotrophic assicular degeneration (AOD) virus and were placed in a cryopod until a cure could be found. This broke your mother's heart, and she died.

Your brother, Sar, never forgave you for your mother's death. When your father died, your brother went completely off the deep end and transformed himself into Kronos and Ricaud Inerplanetary into the Kindred. He has since become addicted to anti-aging drugs which, when used to excess, actually accelerate the aging process and cause insanity.

Rhinehart also lets it slip that Kronos is on his way to kill Sheila Nabakov (who is Hassan's boss and the head of the CIS).

Next Step

Rescue Nabakov, in hopes of finding Kronos.


Better check this Rhinehart out.


Could do without this, but we need this guy.


Shit. Guess I'd better get used to the life of a drifter from here on in.


They got the bastard. This could be it.


Need to get down to the Prison Pits on Hades to find out who this guy is.