Masa Science Station

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Masa Science Station
Type Science Station
Primary user Union of Border Worlds

The Masa Science Station is a Science Station owned and operated by the Union of Border Worlds in the Masa System.

The Masa Science Station was the target of the Terran Confederation during the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673. During that crisis, the TCS Lexington, under the command of Captain Hugh Paulson, was ordered to capture the station under the claim that it was in fact a Confederation outpost that had been overtaken by the Border Worlds. The assault was led by Colonel Christopher Blair, who easily fought off the defenders and allowed a Confederation marine force to occupy the science station.

The attack prompted an intervention by the Border World Navy, comprised of two Tallahassee-Class Cruisers and several fighters that proceeded to invade Masa space. They insisted that the Confederation's seizure of the station was illegal and refused to leave the system. They were ultimately driven off, leaving the Masa Science Station in the control of the Confederation faction known as the Black Lance.