Kilrathi Creed of Service

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My heart does not know fear
For I am a servant to Sivar
My claws do not know shame
For I am a warrior of Kilrah.
My Clan shall not be disgraced
For I serve my Hrai and Lord.
With my tongue I offer fealty.
With my claws I unsheathe victory.
With my mane bowed I lie down
And offer up my life for honor

(Translation by Ralgha nar Hhallas)

Behind the Screens

First printed alongside the Confederation Oath of Service in Voices of War, as "The Kilrathi Oath"; later reprinted in the Kilrathi Saga manual as "Kilrathi Creed of Service". Several lines were used to illustrate a report on Kilrathi psychology in the Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook.