Kilrathi Asteroid Base

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Supply Depot 3
Type Supply Depot
Primary user Kilrathi Empire

Rear of supply depot

A variant of the Kilrathi supply depot that is built directly into an asteroid through the use of modules. These bases are extremely durable and easy to construct in systems with dense asteroid fields, making them difficult to detect.


Class: Supply Depot
Length: 1,600 meters
Mass: 602,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: n/a kps
Cruise Velocity: n/a kps
Acceleration: n/a
Max Y/P/R: 1/1/1 dps
Fore Shield: n/a
Aft Shield: n/a
Front Armor: 11,200 cm
Right Armor: 11,200 cm
Left Armor: 11,200 cm
Rear Armor: 11,200 cm
Fighter Complement: Full