Killer Bee Squadron

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"Killer Bees"
Killer Bee Squadron Hornet preparing for launch. Vega Sector 2654
Branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Parent Formation 88th Fighter Wing (2654)
Type Fighter Squadron
Motto Nolumus Signa Olida Habore!
Service Terran-Kilrathi War

The Killer Bee Squadron flew from the TCS Tiger's Claw. They were tasked most often with patrol and reconnaissance missions, and thus, as of 2654, were flying Hornet-class light fighters. Many of the more famous pilots of the Tiger's Claw, including Christopher Blair, Ian St. John, Michael Casey, and Mariko Tanaka served with the Killer Bees.

As of 2669, the Killer Bees were equipped with Hellcat V fighters.