KF-507 Drakhri

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KF-507 Drakhri
WCA Drakhri Header Image 2.png
Type Medium Fighter
Primary User Empire of Kilrah
Introduction before 2654
General Characteristics
Crew 1 Pilot

The Drakhri had wings reminiscent of the various Dralthi models, but was in fact an entirely different fighter design. Designed as a typical medium fighter, it perfectly suited various roles, among them enemy interception, patrol, and escort. The Drakhri is perhaps best known for its service in the Enigma Sector during the 2660s. Though the fighter had no relation to the Dralthi line, the over-the-cockpit missile rack later appeared in the Dralthi VII's design.


WC2 Manual WC2 KS Manual
Length 11.7 meters 11.7 meters
Mass 14 tonnes Small 14 tonnes
Ship Number 6
Class Medium Fighter Medium Fighter Medium Fighter
Shield Recharge 7
Damage Flag No
Maximum Speed 400 kps 400 kps 400 kps
Afterburner Speed 1200 kps
Cruise Speed 200 kps 200 kps
Acceleration Rate Good 3 Good
Yaw Rate 7 dps 6 7 dps
Pitch Rate 7 dps 6 7 dps
Roll Rate 7 dps 6 7 dps
Guns Laser Cannon (3) Laser Cannon (3) Laser Cannon (3)
Missiles Dumb Fire (4) Dumb Fire (4) Dumb Fire (4)
Missile Layout 2x2
ECM Chaff Pod (2) Chaff Pod (2) Chaff Pod (2)
Front Shield 5.5 cm 55 units 5.5 cm
Rear Shield 5.5 cm 55 units 5.5 cm
Front Armor 4 cm 40 units 4 cm
Rear Armor 4 cm 40 units 4 cm
Left Armor 3.5 cm 35 units 3.5 cm
Right Armor 3.5 cm 35 units 3.5 cm



Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Wing Commander Academy


Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Special Operations 1

Special Operations 2

Wing Commander Academy

TCSN Academy Simulator Handbook

The Drakhri fighter is the lightest medium fighter of the Kilrathi fleet. Its velocity and acceleration are only slightly above average. The Drakhri’s weak shields and armor hardly protect it from enemy hits. Its loadout consists of laser cannon and dumb fire missiles. In spite of its unimpressive design, this ship can still become a formidable enemy in the hands of an accomplished Kilrathi ace. During my duty in the Vega campaign, I barely survived a grueling dogfight with a lone Drakhri flown by Khajja the Fang.