It's Mountain O'Cash month!

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It's Mountain O'Cash month! is a News Bulletin by Weltham Kelty posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


It's Mountain O' Cash month!
Weltham Kelty reports from Janus IV
Yes, folks, it's the time you've all be waiting for! Absolutely no-one managed to get all twenty numbers in the Make It Big! Prize Draw for the sixth month running, so the entire prize fund of 7,900,000,000 goes into the Mountain O'Cash, which is won by the entrant with the closest entry! This hasn't happened since Baskle Frintmen won 4 billion creds with a measly 13 numbers ten years ago! And Baskle's here with me on Janus IV, in front of his luxurious pleasure palace 'Lucky Ticket'. Will you be entering the draw, Baskle? 'Damn right. You got any idea what the price of real estate is on this place?'