Hvar'kann-class dreadnought

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Type Dreadnought
Manufacturer Kilrathi
Ships of the Line
General Characteristics
Length 22,000 meters meters
Spacecraft Carried 252

Hvar'kann-Class Dreadnought Target Designation, circa 2669.

The Hvar'kann-Class Dreadnought was a warship produced by the Kilrathi Empire that saw service during the Terran-Kilrathi War. It was, by far, the largest known capital ship in the Kilrathi fleet.


The Hvar'kann, at an astounding 22,000 meters in length, is the largest Kilrathi vessel known to be in existence, dwarfing virtually any ship in service from the Empire or the Terran Confederation. With extensive defensive systems and a starfighter complement of 252, the Hvar'kann is a force to be reckoned with. The vessel filled the role of flagship in a number of fleets and often flew with escorts, but it alone could face most threats.

The Hvar'kann is known to have served during the last decade of the Terran-Kilrathi War. Its class leader, the KIS Hvar'kann, eventually became the personal flagship of Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka. By 2669, several Hvar'kanns were in service.

The KIS Hvar'kann took part in numerous military activities during the final year of the Kilrathi War. It was from the Hvar'kann that Crown Prince Thrakhath oversaw Operation Unseen Death, which saw the biological extermination of the Terran colonies of the Locanda System. The vessel was also present in the aftermath of the Ariel Offensive, when the TCS Victory assaulted a Kilrathi garrison there. The Hvar'kann ferried the Crown Prince to and from Kilrah when the Emperor demanded his presence.

During the final days of the Kilrathi War, the Kilrathi proceeded to assemble an armada of warships in Kilrah orbit to lay siege to Earth in an effort to finally crush humanity. Several Hvar'kanns, among them Thrakhath's flagship were included in this fleet. However, Colonel Christopher Blair deployed the Temblor Bomb on Kilrah before the fleet could commence the assault, and the resulting destruction all but annihilated the fleet and several Hvar'kanns. The Hvar'kann itself was one of the few survivors.

The operations deck of the KIS Hvar'kann.

Behind the scenes

The dreadnought appears in Wing Commander III. It is only encountered in combat if the player go the losing path of WC3.