Hilda's Commodities Brokers

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Hilda's Commodities Brokers
Hilda. M. Thracthit
Pan-System Locations
Commodities Brokers

As an off planet entity, this organisation is still allowed to practice 'Pink Monday' trading principles, now outlawed on all of the more civilised planets in the universe. It works on the simple premise of taking commodities that hard working individuals have made or grown, and selling them, stockpiling them, exporting them at a loss, importing them back at a loss, selling them again, deeming them unfit for consumption, and then feeding them to Bex cows before finally selling them off at a fraction of their original value, making a fast buck for the few brokers involved and zilch for the majority work force. This practice is still tolerated mainly as a novelty pastime for nostalgic ultra conservatives, reliving the good old days before the revolution came. With stations dotted here and there, it's worth a look in, you might just make a KILLING.