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The Hari were a space-faring race of sentients that, despite their advancement, never discovered the existence of jump points. Because of this, the Hari traveled between planets at sub-light speed, taking only as many of their own kind as were necessary. Once they found a suitable world, they would reproduce quickly and consume all the available natural resources. New ships would then be constructed to travel to fresh worlds, taking only a select few. The Hari left a barren wasteland of lifeless planets behind them.

The Hari made up the Hari Empire and occupied what is now known as the Hari sector. The Hari sector was rendered virtually lifeless as a result of the Hari's relentless consumption of natural resources.

The inability of the Hari to travel or communicate at faster-than-light speed, combined with the political instability inherent in a system of leadership and governance based on assassination, made the Hari easy prey to other species. The Hari were completely annihilated in a war with the Kilrathi over 200 years before the first contact between Kilrathi and Humans. Before this conflict, the Kilrathi had no understanding of the concept of assassination.

The Hari never made contact with the Human race before their extinction.

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Source: CIC Encyclopedia