Shield Generator Enhancer Mk III

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Shield Generator Enhancer 'Halo' Mk III
Manufacturer Fatbink Systems
Introduction 2790
Cost 25,000 credits
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Halo Mk III is a Shield Generator Enhancer developed by Fatbink Systems in 2790. The system provided greater resistance to projectiles, concussion and energy weapons than previous shield generators. Tony Knox reported on the system for the Commerce and Communications Network in Fatbink reveal their latest shield system.

As it is in Heaven

Your Guide to the Universe

The Mk III decreases shield regeneration time to 50%.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

All ships regenerate shields at the same rate, regardless of how heavy or light these shields are. A shield regenerator speeds up this rate, so that once your shields are down, they'll come back on line faster.

When considering a shield generator enhancer, however, you may want to compare the price of the enhancer to the price of upgrading to a ship with better shields. If the shields are better, they can take more damage, so they won't go down as quickly in the first place. Also, with a ship upgrade you will probably get additional gun, missile and module mounts.

Mk III - Modified Regeneration Time: 50%

The Mk III model won't be available until you read the news bulletin entitled "Fatbink reveal their latest shield system."