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Creator HCl
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Archive Contents

  • divx.dll
  • readme.txt
  • SDL.dll
  • wcmv.exe
  • wcplayer.exe
  • xanlib.dll


Wing Commander Movie Player - v1.2a

This version of the WC Movie Player can play FMV from WC3, WC4, WCP and P2. You can play
movies directly from the CD without the need of using any kind of movie ripper. It's also
able to export movies to uncompressed AVI format.

To run the Movie Player, run wcplayer.exe and be sure to have wcmv.exe, sdl.dll and 
xanlib.dll in the same directory. Then put a WC CD on the drive and click on the Open
button. Select a TRE file (or a TGV file, in case of P2) and a list of movies will appear
on the list on the right. Select a movie there and click on the "Play" button. 

To rip a movie just click on the "Rip to AVI" button, but be sure to have plenty of free
hard drive space (since neither video nor audio gets compressed). The ripper creates a file
named rip.avi, which you can compress to DivX (or any other format) using programs like
Virtual Dub.

In addition to all these features, present in version 1.1, version 1.2 allows playing and
ripping movies that use the FMV DivX patch i created, and playing / ripping WC3 comm videos.
Playing converted WVE/DivX files directly from the TREs is now possible (useful for playing 
Unknown Enemy videos).

With the exception of unforseen bugfixes, this should be the last version of the Movie
Player version 1. Work is started on the WC Media Player (Movie Player 2.0), which will
involve cleaning and rewriting several parts of the code, as well as adding new features.
The WC Media Player will be open-source and hopefully more tolerant of slower machines.

The site for the SDL library is http://www.libsdl.org
XanLIB was created by Origin Systems Inc.
The OpenDivX DLL (divx.dll) was created by Project Mayo

I'm including these 3 DLLs for your convenience only, these were NOT created by me.

wcplayer.exe and wcmv.exe were created by me, as part of the Wing Commander Movie
Player project. 

Mario "HCl" Brito