Gwynedd System - Series 12 - Mission A

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Gwynedd System - Series 12 - Mission A
WC2 Nav Series 12 Mission A.png
Fighter Sabre
Type Strike
Wingmen Jazz
Eject Captured
Previous Enigma System - Series 7 - Mission C
Next Gwynedd System - Series 12 - Mission B

Mission Layout

Nav Area Enemies Friendlies Objective
Concordia 4 Grikath 1 Confederation (Concordia) Return to the Concordia
Nav 1 4 Drakhri Proceed to Nav point
Carriers 3 Jalkehi
2 Fralthra
Proceed to enemy carriers



Gwynedd System, Enigma Sector

Mission Briefing

Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Ten minutes into the briefing...
...and Doomsday, with Banzai as his wingman, will patrol the left flank.
Maverick, I have a difficult mission for you.
You and Jazz will fly against two Fralthra cruisers.
Proceed to the Nav Point. Be careful on your approach...
... they're actively pursuing the Concordia... they will probably have a heavy fighter escort ...
... arrayed along adjacent nav points.
When you have destroyed the Fralthra cruisers and their escorts...
...return to the Concordia.
You'll be flying a Sabre on this mission, Blair.
It's an all-around good fighter, with excellent guns and armor.
It's the best we have.
Good luck, mes amis. Fly well.
Don't worry, Colonel. I'll keep him out of trouble.
Pilots, you are dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Light Damage Medium Damage Heavy Damage
Welcome back, sir.
Looks like it was a tough battle, sir!
Glad you made it back alive, sir.
Repair Deck, TCS Concordia.
You look like you've had a busy afternoon, Captain.
Jazz and I went after two Fralthra.
Both Fralthra Destroyed No Fralthra Destroyed One Fralthra Destroyed
And they're toasted!
That's great!
But we couldn't toast either of them.
That's too bad!
But we couldn't get both of them.
That's too bad.
Was there a lot of opposition out there?
Maverick Scores Kills Maverick Scores No Kills
Too many cats. I nailed X of those furballs.
Too many cats. I was so busy flying evasives, I couldn't nail any of them.
Jazz Scores Kills Jazz Scores No Kills
I heard Jazz iced X.
I heard Jazz didn't ice any of them. Surprising, for him.
Jazz Does Not Eject Jazz Ejects Jazz Ejects and is Rescued
Search & Retrieval just brought Jazz in. He was lucky he could eject. I heard Jazz was down in Sickbay.
He ejected, and I brought him back. I think he'll be all right.
The other pilots are running into a lot of enemy ships.
I think the cats are making a major attempt to take this system...
...Gwynedd's the last human controlled planet in the entire sector.
And I think it'll happen soon. Real soon.