Gwynedd System - Series 12 - Mission B

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Gwynedd System - Series 12 - Mission B
WC2 Nav Series 12 Mission B.png
Fighter Sabre
Type Patrol
Wingmen Jazz
Eject Captured
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Mission Layout

Nav Area Enemies Hazards Friendlies Objective
Concordia 1 Confederation (Concordia) Return to the Concordia
Nav 1 Asteroid Field Proceed to Nav 1
Nav 2 3 Strakha Proceed to Nav 2
Nav 3 Asteroid Field Proceed to Nav 3
Nav 4 5 Strakha Proceed to Nav 4



Observation Deck, TCS Concordia.
Hey, Maverick. Haven't seen you much lately.
Guess you've been busy with Angel, right?
Listen, Jazz. I know you don't like me, but we work together.
Enough of the smart-ass remarks. Got it?
No problem, Maestro. It's just my nature, I guess---
I always try to make the best of a bad situation.
And this looks like it's gonna be real bad.
So far, we've kept the cats from finding us---
---but it's only a matter of time til they do.
The furballs won't give up, not without a fight.

Mission Briefing

Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Pilots, we are preparing for the defense of the Gwynedd starbase.
If we save this starbase, it could rout the Kilrathi in the Enigma Sector!
Maverick, you and Jazz will clear the asteroid field for our approach.
Terrific. Don't you remember what happened ...
... the last time this guy patrolled an asteroid field?
Jazz, you may fly this mission ...
... or you may scrub the Flight Deck. Your decision, monsieur.
Uh, the mission.
You will patrol all four of the Nav points.
Angel briefs the other pilots on their assignments.
Good luck, pilots. Dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Light Damage Medium Damage Heavy Damage
Welcome back, sir.
Looks like it was a tough battle, sir!
Glad you made it back alive, sir.
Colonel Devereaux's Office, TCS Concordia.
Did you find anything in the asteroid belt, Maverick?
Encountered Strakha Did Not Encounter Strakha
Nothing unusual...just a few Kilrathi stealth fighters!
It was a real uneventful patrol, Angel. Nothing to report.
Very well. You are dismissed, Captain.
Maverick Scores Kills Maverick Scores No Kills
I took out X of them. And my flight disk proves that they're real. I couldn't take out any of them, but my flight disk proves that they're real.
Jazz Scores Kills Jazz Scores No Kills
And Jazz toasted X of them. Jazz didn't toast any of them.
Jazz Does Not Eject Jazz Ejects Jazz Ejects and is Rescued
S & R is bring Jazz in now. I'll talk to him after he's landed.
I heard you brought Jazz back after he ejected.
You know I couldn't leave him out there, Angel!
I'm sorry I did not believe you before, mon ami.
I will take your flight disks to the Admiral immediately!