Graknala nar Kiranka

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Graknala nar Kiranka
Place of birth Vukar Tag
Allegiance Empire of Kilrah
Rank Dowager Empress
Relations Joor'rad nar Kiranka (Son), Gilkarg nar Kiranka (Grandson), Ratha nar Kiranka (Great Grandson), Thrakhath nar Kiranka (Great Grandson)

Graknala nar Kiranka was the Dowager mother to Emperor Joor'rad nar Kiranka who ruled the Kilrathi Empire for most of the 27th century. Her ancestral home was the planet Vukar Tag. Graknala was never accepted into the Imperial Court: she was viewed as an upstart from the periphery of the Empire. The perceived insult suffered upon her by the Confederation Invasion of Vukar Tag in 2667 was labeled a fitting revenge by some for her apparent audacity in mating her way into the Imperial blood line.