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Type Surface-to-Space Interceptor
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Landreich
Introduction pre-2634
Source Wing Commander: Action Stations

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The Gotha Surface-to-Space Interceptor was an interceptor in 2634 with some located at the spaceport at the Landreich Captail of the Hell Hole.


Wing Commander: Action Stations

  • Chapter 10
    • "Geoff fell in two paces behind Turner, again trying to assume the role of a Confed officer working as an adjutant. He found it surprising that the president of the Landreich, Johann Blucher was willing to meet with them, based on nothing more than a call from Turner that had taken only thirty seconds. Even though Blucher was head of a state that the Confederation did not even recognize as a legitimate government, and some claimed was an outright haven for rogues, thieves, and murderers, Geoff was nervous about his appearance, and furtively tried to pick the dirt and grime out from under his fingernails as they strode across the scorching-hot tarmac.
      • A couple of ancient Gotha surface-to-space interceptors lifted off from the runway behind them, engines roaring at full afterburner as they nosed up to vertical and punched into supersonic speeds, the double boom slamming into Geoff so that he winced. Vance watched them disappear and grinned.
      • "Hell, if I tried that stunt onJohnsonIsland I'd be grounded for a month."
      • "Asinine rules, that's the Confed," Hans said casually as he lead the way into small concrete bunker. A lone guard, with a lightweight gatling assault gun stopped them at the entry, took a quick look at their IDs and tossed them back."