GOG WC4 Video Patch

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Creator HCl
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Filesize 504 kB

Fixes a glitch in the GOG WC4 release where movie sequences have sound but no picture.

Author's Description

This package (wc4gog_1.0.2_test1.zip) fixes a rare issue in WC4 GOG that causes movie playback to fail even when all codecs are correctly installed. The core DirectShow Filter Graph Manager fails to initialize when any compatibility mode is set on the wc4dvd exe. The symptoms are:

  • A test render with CCCP Insurgent completes successfully, without revealing any problems.
  • You still get the "Missing Movie" error when running WC4. Additionally, no wc4_graph.log is generated.

We haven't determined exactly why this happens, whether it's due to some third-party software installed or not, but as we experimented around we were able to confirm that the cause was indeed related to the use of compatibility mode flags. This was a problem, since WC4 GOG needs Win98 compatibility to run.

In order to work around this, I integrated the WC4 win2k fix into the WC4 GOG EXE, allowing WC4 GOG to run without compatibility flags. Also the GOG dxmci was also tweaked a bit, mostly to remove the logic that forced the use of mpeg2dec if registered, (so what you see on CCCP Insurgent should be the exact same filters dxmci uses) and add extra debug messages. These should make troubleshooting easier in the future.

Anyone having a problem with WC4 GOG fitting the above symptoms should download this package and run the new EXE (wc4dvdgog-win2k-patched.exe) without applying any compatibility flags. That should fix it. The DLLs included in this package also include the improvements introduced in the previous update (configuration of alternate rendering modes via renderer.cfg and videoRenderer.cfg, to work around other potential issues).

Alternate rendering modes are:

Renderer.cfg (for the game):

  • opengl (default)
  • ddraw
  • direct3d
  • legacy

VideoRenderer.cfg (for video-playback):

  • vmr7
  • ivideowindow
  • vmr7offscreen (default)
  • evr

audioRenderer.cfg (for audio-output):

  • dsound (default)
  • waveout