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Fralthi-Class Cruiser
General Characteristics
Length 475 meters
Mass 24,000 tonnes
Spacecraft Carried 50
Cruise 100 kps
Maximum 150 kps

Default Missile Loadout
8 Torpedo Tubes
Fore Meson Shields cm equivalent
Aft Meson Shields cm equivalent
Front 28 cm
Rear 18 cm
Side 22 cm
Source Confederation Handbook

Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook

The Fralthi class seems to have been the primary battleship for inter-clan civil war for at least a century before the Kilrathi encountered humanity. In its basic configuration it has probably seen service for 150 years or more. Almost 2000 individual Fralthi-class ships have been identified in action, and several have been taken intact. Almost all Kilrathi fleet actions will involve at least one, and probably several, Fralthi.

The smallest Kilrathi ship to mount a carrier deck, the Fralthi class is capable of carrying a light squadron of about 50 fighters. With its three anti-matter main guns, it is very strong for its size in ship-to-ship actions, but carries a relatively small torpedo/missile loadout. It carries a complement of about 200 officers and crew, plus about 150 warriors.

Its engines are somewhat underpowered as compared to more recent Kilrathi ship designs, and it is both slow (in terms of top speed) and rather sluggish in its maneuvers. A Fralthi relies on its fighters and guns to repel an enemy, not on evasion or escape.