Final Evaluation, Lt. Christopher Blair

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Final Evaluation, Lt. Christopher Blair

To: Captain Sansky, CS Tiger Claw
From: Major E. Gonsalas, C.O. 145th Training Wing, CSF Flight School, Sirius

It is privilege to report that Lt. Christopher Blair has graduated Fighter Pilot training with Distinction, as a member of the Q1 class of 2654, and has been assigned to your vessel's Fighter Squadron. As Lt. Blair's flight instructor, I have prepared the following summation of his capabilities.

GPA 3.64 Rank in Class 477 (of 1403)
Flight School Academic Record
GPA 4.22 Rank in Class 23 (of 314)
Flight School Flight Record
Flight 96.2 Rank in Class 1 (of 314)
Marksmanship 93.4 Rank in Class 2 (of 314)
Safety 100 (0 accidents, 0 ships lost) Rank in Class 1 (of 314)
Navigation 100 Rank in Class 1 (of 314)


  • Astonishing control and discipline in the cockpit.
  • Deep sense of personal ethics.


  • Independent thinking may lead to the appearance of questioning orders.
  • Sensitive to comments about his family. Blair is an orphan, and inappropriate remarks about his parents may lead to tension, particularly under battle pressure.


Lt. Blair is simply one of the most gifted young pilots I have ever trained or flown with. His composite flight score (97.4) is a new record high among pilots coming to Flight School directly from the Academy. Furthermore, he is the first graduate of this institution to ever achieve a perfect score in Navigation. In flight, Blair is confident, focused, disciplined and creative. He understands teamwork, but performs best when allowed to take the initiative.

Blair is reserved among others, but when he speaks up at all he tends to speak his mind. He does not welcome personal questions. Although not a natural leader, his talents in flight point to strong leadership potential within a flight unit. He accepts criticism well when it's directly related to performance of his duties. Blair will do best in an environment where policies are clearly set forth, but pilots are allowed a reasonable degree of mission autonomy.


Since Lts. Blair and Marshall are both being assigned to your ship (as per my recommendation) I am attaching this addendum to both pilots' evaluations.

In training, Blair and Marshall were both close friends and personal rivals. They respect and trust one another, and there is little doubt that each brings out the best in the other. In flight, they make a remarkable team, but they do display a regrettable tendency to assume that as a team they are unbeatable, which will need to be beaten out of them if they are to reach their full potential as a flight team.

Both Blair and Marshall are already blooded in combat. During a routine training flight they surprised and destroyed a Kilrathi blockade-runner. During this action against a superior force, both pilots displayed skill, courage and discipline normally found only in more experienced warriors. It is because of this remarkable achievement that I recommended Blair and Marshall be assigned together for their first combat tour.