Episode 2 - Mission 1 - Family Reunion

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Family Reunion
Date 2668.356.1830
Fighter Stiletto
Wingmen Snitter and Weasel
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Gladii at each nav point
  • Primary
    • Escort Gladii to the Firekka (percentage-based)
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 6A/B – Sabre Pursuit OR Episode 1 - Mission 7 - Sabre Pursuit
Next Episode 2 - Mission 2 - Mastif Patrol

Preflight Conversations


Captain Bradshaw, welcome. We're already on route to the Mastif jump point. Before we leave Oxford, however, we're supposed to pick up some ships from Oxford's local squadron. Your fighters will rendezvous with the incoming Gladii here, here, and here. Once you've picked up all the Gladii, bring them back to the Firekka's new position, here. Oh, and the Militia already had several encounters with Kilrathi privateers today. If they get wind of this transfer... well, you'd best be prepared for anything. Dismissed.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This is your only mission in Oxford. You will fly through three nav points collecting Gladii as you go. There aren’t many enemies in this mission, however those that are in the mission are flying Gothri so you need to be careful especially since you are in Stiletto. Troll and Weasel are your wingmen.

All ejections end with friendly pickup, however ejection means that only two Gladii are brought back.

Nav 1 has the two Gladii of Charlie Wing. In between Nav 1 and 2 is an intercept nav where you will be dumped out of autopilot and have to face two Gothri. Three Stilettos and two Gladii is a strong force, just make sure to not take too much damage yourself. Let your wingmen do their jobs as well.

Nav 2 has the two Gladii of Delta Wing being attacked by three Gothri. After you destroy the Gothri, the Firekka will message you about intercepting some Retro's. Your autopilot will automatically change to Nav 4.

Nav 3 has Echo Wing with two Gladii. There is an intercept nav between Nav 3 and the Firekka where you will encounter three Gothri. After defeating them you can return to the Firekka or check out your Nav map.

The mission is now marked as successful or failed, depending if you lost any Gladii or not. You need to bring all of them back for this mission to be a success.