Episode 1 - Mission 3A - Finding the Rock

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Finding the Rock
Date 2668.220.1032
Fighter Stiletto
Wingmen Spoons and Dragon
Other Friendly Ships CAP (Jumppoint Nav)
  • Primary
    • Locate Pirate base
  • Secondary
    • None
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 2A – Jump Point Run
Next Find Pirate base
Episode 1 - Mission 4A – Striking Distance
Don't find Pirate base
Episode 1 - Mission 4B – Search for a Strike

Preflight Conversations

There are no conversations before this mission.


The Gladii have jumped ahead to clear the Capella side of the jump point. The Lionheart will now follow. Once we're on the other side of the jump point, the Stilettos will launch immediately if there are any hostiles still in the area. Once we have secured the Lionheart's position, my wing will set off on a three point patrol of the nearby asteroid belt. Intel has reasons to believe that the base we're looking for is somewhere in this area. Let's make this a clean one, people.

Mission Layout

There's a Sabre at Nav 1 that shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as you save at least 1 missile.

There are 3 Talons at Nav 2 and the Pirate Base with a large CAP of 10 Talons at Nav 3. Follow Freyers' instructions there.

Player Notes