Edmund Warbarch

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Confederation Space Force pilot, callsign "Streaker", assigned to the 88th Fighter Wing, TCS Tiger's Claw. Warbarch (or possibly Warbach), a Lieutenant JG, was killed in action on 2653.365.

Warba(r)ch's death was described in the 88th Fighter Wing casualty report as follows:

Undertaking a recon in force, Lt. Cmdr. Condon commanded a flight to investigate sensor anomalies near Cairo III. Ambushed by a full squadron of enemy fighter craft, her flight acquitted itself in exemplary manner, recording 23 confirmed kills and 5 probable kills. By springing this ambush prematurely, and then effectively neutralizing it, Lt. Condon's flight prevented the Tiger Claw from entering harm's way. Only Lt. Maxwell and Lt. Polanski survived this encounter, and regretably, Lt. Maxwell died the next day of wounds sustained in this action. In this action alone, Lt. Warbach qualified as an Ace, while Lt. Cmdr. Condon achieved Ace of Ace standing.

For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy, it is recommended that Lts. Warbach, Brun, Sandalabra, Maxwell, and Polanski be awarded the Silver Star, and Lt. Cmdr. Condon the Gold Star.