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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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WC3JOY.DLL      Joystick Patch for Notebook Gameport

(C) 1995, Origin Systems, Inc. 
    Written May, 1995 by Anthony L. Sommers (

  DISCLAIMER : Origin Systems, Inc. shall not be responsible for the
  usage of this patch, in whole or in part. In no event will Origin
  Systems, Inc. or the author of this patch be liable for any damages
  resulting from the use or misuse of this patch. Use at your own risk.
  The document included with this patch may not be reproduced in any 
  manner without the written consent of the author.


  WC3JOY.DLL is a set of alternate joystick routines used to provide 
  support for Colorado Spectrum's Notebook Gameport. Joysticks
  tested with the Notebook Gameport in combination with this patch
  include the CH Flightstick, the CH Flightstick Pro, the Thrustmaster
  FCS, and the Gravis Analog Pro.

  |                                                                 |
  |  NOTE : THIS PATCH MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU! This patch assumes     |
  |    the Notebook Gameport is in perfect working condition before |
  |    use. In the event the game locks up during detection or      |
  |    cannot detect the Notebook Gameport, please consult the      |
  |    Notebook Gameport's documentation or Colorado Spectrum       |
  |    for troubleshooting instructions.                            |
  |                                                                 |

Installation of WC3JOY.DLL

  1)    Change to the directory where WC3JOYNG.EXE was extracted.
  2)    Copy the WC3JOY.DLL file to the C:\WC3 directory, i.e. :

            COPY WC3JOY.DLL C:\WC3   [ENTER]

  3)    Run Wing Commander III. You should see a brief message stating 
        whether or not the Notebook Gameport was detected, and whether 
        or not the patch was installed. 

  4)    Once you're into the game, your joystick may drift. This is 
        due to the fact that alternate joystick routines are being 
        used rather than the ones used when you initially installed 
        the game. Simply recalibrate by selecting Calibrate Joystick 
        in the Main Terminal, or press [ALT-J] in gameflow or [ALT-C]
        in space flight. Everything should be working normally.

  5)    Once you're in space flight, you can choose your type of 
        joystick in the Spaceflight Options menu [ALT-O]. This 
        will allow you to use more functional joystick such as the
        CH Flightstick Pro, the Thrustmaster FCS, or the Logitech  

        *NOTE : The hat on the Thrustmaster FCS or the Logitech 
        Wingman Extreme will not work with this patch, although 
        you can use the joystick and its extra buttons. 

Uninstallation of WC3JOY.DLL

  To remove this patch, just type :

        DEL C:\WC3\WC3JOY.DLL   [ENTER]


  *     You MUST have a working Notebook Gameport to use this patch.
        If the joystick is unplugged, if there is a joystick port 
        conflict, or if the joystick or port is faulty, you may not 
        be able to successfully use this patch.

  *     If you are using a computer that has the ACER BIOS, attempting 
        to use this patch with Wing Commander III without NG.EXE 
        installed will cause a lockup. Simply install NG.EXE before
        attempting to run Wing Commander III.

  *     Check out the WC3 Technical Help File (WC3HELP.TXT) on our
        BBS (512-331-4446) or the Internet ( 

  *     Thanks to Jason Yenawine at Origin Systems, Inc. and 
        Ken Hall and Dayle Towers at Colorado Spectrum.