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Codices are the Kilrathi philosophical works that articulate the creed of the Warrior.

First Codex

Vigilance is the Warrior's salvation; inattention the Warrior's greatest foe.

There is no such thing as a battle without honor, though it is possible to encounter an honorless foe.

Of all the weapons of the Warrior, it is the mind that elevates mere fighting to glorious Victory.

The brave Warrior is not without fear. He is a friend of his fear, embracing it, intimate with it, but never allowing it to overcome him.

Honor the heroic dead, for their deeds are worthy of remembrance.

Second Codex

Fortunate is the warrior who meets Death in Battle; no true Warrior should die in bed with his claws sheathed.

Among the pillars of victory, the first and greatest is the art of the unexpected, for it is by surprise that the Warrior achieves domination on the field of battle.

Third Codex

Honor is a thing to be cherished, but no true Warrior will place his honor above his duty.

Victory must inevitably go to the Warrior whose desire for conquest is greater than his fear of death.

Fourth Codex

The true Warrior perseveres against any and all obstacles, and gains the greater glory for his efforts.

Glory is the outward measure of the Warrior's worth, but the knowledge of a duty fulfilled is the one true inward measure.

There is no dishonor in caution, so long as the careful Warrior avoids the pitfalls of cowardice.

Fifth Codex

Brave comrades are the Warrior's most cherished gift.

Fang and claw, sharp eyes and alert ears and the nose of a hunter, these are the tools of the Ideal Warrior, but they are as nothing without the spirit and heart of a fighter.

Fifth Codex fragment
Honor shall flow to the warrior who does his duty, for his Clan shall earn glory by his deeds. Honor shall flow to the warrior who meets death in battle, for his name shall be remembered. Honor shall flow to the warrior who strikes down his foe, for he shall win victory for his people.

It is believed that the following line continues the preceding passage:

Honor shall flow to the warrior who is true, to his hrai, to his people, and to himself, for only the true warrior shall know the gods hereafter.

Sixth Codex

There is no treachery greater than the betrayal of comrade against comrade.

Seventh Codex

Consider the story of Karga the Hero, which tells of the rewards of honor and duty. Consider the story of Vorghath the Hunter, and reflect on the perils of complacence.

The true leader offers his Warriors in sacrifice only when there is no alternative; the true Warrior offers himself in sacrifice in the knowledge that only thus will the battle be won.

Ninth Codex

Never permit your enemy to learn your advantage, unless doing it can cause him to become fearful so that he stumbles during the chase.

Tenth Codex

The gods expect that every kil shall perform his duty.

Tenth Codex fragment
Even in Death there can be Victory.

Behind the Screens

The Codices were created for False Colors, and serve as headers for the book's eighteen chapters and prologue. The stray fragments come from the book's Prologue, 15, 20, 21.