Candar Space Station

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Space Station
Primary user Terran Confederation

Thousands of stations such as these dot the Confederation. They are used for military and civilian purposes and are built at key points in solar systems. They house such operations as internal security (In-System Security) as well as commerce areas. The station is defended by a small fighter contingent and two flak cannons. The Space Station is often confused with its larger counterpart, the Confederation Star Base.


Class: Space Station
Length: 400 meters
Mass: 600 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 20 kps
Cruise Velocity: 10 kps
Acceleration: Poor
Max Y/P/R: 1/1/1 dps
Fore Shield: 100 cm equivalent
Aft Shield: 100 cm equivalent
Front Armor: 150 cm
Right Armor: 150 cm
Left Armor: 150 cm
Rear Armor: 150 cm
Guns: Flak Cannons (2)
Fighter Complement: Light