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WCA Candar Header Image 2.png
Type Space Station
Primary User Terran Confederation

Candar (also referred to as Candar Station or Candar Space Station) is a Terran Confederation space station. The Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy's CyberSchool's holographic simulator includes a representation of Candar intended to train pilots how to defend friendly space stations.


Academy Manual Academy In-Game
Length 400 meters
Mass 600 tonnes Capital Ship
Ship Number 23
Class Space Station Space Station
Shield Recharge 2
Damage Flag No
Maximum Speed 20 kps 10 kps
Cruise Speed 10 kps
Acceleration Rate Bad 1
Yaw Rate 1 dps 1
Pitch Rate 1 dps 1
Roll Rate 1 dps 1
Guns Flak Gun (2) Flak Gun (2)
Front Shield 100 cm 100 units
Rear Shield 100 cm 100 units
Front Armor 150 cm 160 units
Rear Armor 150 cm 160 units
Left Armor 150 cm 160 units
Right Armor 150 cm 160 units





Wing Commander Academy

TCSN Academy Simulator Handbook

The simulator has implemented Candar Station so you will learn how to defend friendly space stations. Protected by flak guns as well as strong armor, it is a hard nut to crack. However, a Kilrathi force with formidable weapon loadouts could destroy Candar if they manage to dodge you and its flak volleys since the space station is not protected by phase shields.

Behind the Scenes

  • Candar reuses the artwork for the Star Base space station from Wing Commander II although Candar is much smaller and lacks phase shields.
  • Candar is named after the village of Çandar (now Cendere) in Turkey.


  • The Attacking a Capital Ship section of the TCSN Academy Simulator Handbook incorrectly claims that "Candar Space Space Station [is] protected by phase defenses."