Caernarvon Station

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Caernarvon Station
Primary user Terran Confederation

Caernarvon Station is a star base operated by the Terran Confederation. It is located in the Gwynedd System in the Enigma Sector. It was originally a research outpost run by the Intergalactic Science Council but by 2655 it was vacated and instead tasked as a monitoring station for the Enigma Sector..

Caernarvon Station is located on the frontier of the Terran Confederation and is administered by In-System Security. Its main purpose is to provide security on the frontier, but Gwynedd saw very little action during the Terran-Kilrathi War in the 2650s to 2660s.

In 2656, Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Blair was charged with negligence when the TCS Tiger's Claw was destroyed at K'tithrak Mang by Kilrathi stealth fighters. He was subsequently demoted to Captain, transferred to In-System Security and assigned to Caernarvon Station, where he was forced to serve away from the front-lines for nearly ten years.

During his service on the station, Blair befriended Captain Elizabeth Norwood, who answered to the callsign "Shadow". Together, they regularly escorted garbage shuttles to disposal zones or flew on patrols, most of which yielded no enemy targets due to the remoteness of the area. However, in 2665, the two pilots encountered Kilrathi fighters, which led to suspicions of a larger Kilrathi operation in the system.

Caernarvon later received a communication from the TCS Concordia, which reported that they had been ambushed by enemy fighters. Caernarvon scrambled Blair, Norwood, and all of its pilots to save the Concordia. They succeeded in defending the Concordia, and Blair and Norwood transferred temporarily to the Concordia until they could receive a proper transfer back to Caernarvon.

Just as Blair and Norwood were returning to Caernarvon, the Concordia was attacked again, forcing them to return to its defence. Captain Norwood was killed in action, and Blair was forced to remain on the Concordia as the ship jumped out-system immediately upon his landing. Blair eventually secured a legitimate transfer to Concordia and his service at Caernarvon ended.