Bi-Annual Pilot Evaluation: Lt. Rosalind Forbes (callsign Sassy)

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Executive Office
Commander Paul Gerald, 2654.02


Lt. Rosalind Forbes (callsign Sassy)


Lt. Forbes is one of the best pilots, possibly the best pilot, aboard the Tiger Claw. She constantly pushes herself to her limits, developing her abilities far faster than regulation sim work and combat drills would permit. Under Lt. Commander Deveraux's guidance, she has learned the technical aspects of her limitations, and no longer seeks to coax more out of her fighter than it can possibly give her. She has not learned restraint, but at least she has learned what is impossible.

In fact, except for the sim fighter contests, she no longer uses the sim as a practice device. I do not think it an exaggeration to say that she has surpassed what the sim can teach. Recently, Lt. Commander Deveraux has been training her personally, taking her out and showing her the intricacies of teamwork under battle conditions. Her skills have improved markedly, and on more than one occasion she has single-handedly pulled victory from a losing situation.

Her most notable accomplishment in the last six months has been a three -kill mission, where her wing was outnumbered three to one.


Lt. Forbes is very popular with her teammates. Cross-evaluations show that she is regarded as generous and trustworthy.

Her gregarious nature and charisma make her a figure that other pilots automatically look to for direction. She has proven to be a popular wing leader. I believe Lt. Forbes has a definite future in command, assuming her attitude continues to mature.

From my own observation, those she has flown with seek to emulate her "flashy" method of flying, often to the point that they damage their craft. When this was pointed out to her, she temporarily flew more conservatively, but then went back to her own unique style. However, she does seem to be encouraging new pilots to learn the basics before trying stunts, and we'll see if this compromise works out.


Lt. Forbes should be given more command responsibilities, as they become available. She should be encouraged to take the appropriate courses, in preparation for advancement.