Bi-Annual Pilot Evaluation: Lt. Joseph Kuhmelo (callsign Knight)

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Executive Office
Commander Paul Gerald, 2654.02


Lt. Joseph Kuhmelo (callsign Knight)


Lt. Kuhmelo's ability as a fighter pilot is actually much greater than would appear from his kill score or personal goal success. Statistically, he looks to be one of our poorer pilots, but in fact, I'd be inclined to argue the opposite.

I have been made aware that a great deal of his time in the cockpit is spent "coaching" the raw pilots. He has talked at least two pilots through their first kills, and that could not be done by someone who does not have a thorough understanding of both his ship and his enemy.

He has among the highest scores in the sim, and is a popular partner in the team exercises. His low kill score could be due to "giving" his kills away, but actually I am more concerned that he may be hesitating to kill for personal or philosophical reasons.

He has a personal affinity for bombing missions, and is currently at the top of the Broadsword flight roster.


Knight is well -liked by his peers, respected by his superiors, and known by name to most of the other divisions of the ship. His opinions are given full consideration, and he readily accepts the advice of others. He admits when he is wrong, and does not seem to hold grudges against anyone he works with.

He has been known to "herd" panicked pilots back to base, during times of radio silence. He has a deep concern for wingmen who are in over their heads.

Once again, my only concern is his low kill score. If he does not fully support the war effort, he obviously cannot be promoted beyond his current status. Any doubts that continue to exist may begin to fester, at which point it would be dangerous to entrust him with command decisions.


Lt. Kuhmelo should be encouraged to continue training new pilots.

He should talk to a ship's counselor to discover if there are any pre-set prejudices against combat or the role of a fighter pilot.