Bi-Annual Pilot Evaluation: Lt. Commander Jeanette Deveraux (callsign Angel), Squadron Commander

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Executive Office
Commander Paul Gerald, 2654.02


Lt. Commander Jeanette Deveraux (callsign Angel)
Squadron Commander


As a pilot, Lt. Cmdr. Deveraux has few equals aboard the Tiger Claw. She has a crisp, clean flying style and a thorough understanding of battle situations.

As a commander, Angel has been an exemplary squadron commander, and in my opinion we are fortunate to have her aboard. In the past year, she has single handedly managed to turn around a defeatist and enervating morale situation aboard the Tiger Claw.

When she was promoted to her current duties, the sick time was high, fire-to-hit ratios were low, and the pilot return rate was one of the lowest in the fleet.

At the time of this evaluation, the situation is reversed. Sick leave seems nearly restricted to critical situations, due primarily to ongoing sim contests and maneuver drills. She has taught her pilots the real-world necessity of "book flying" and teamwork. She's also led her pilots, by example, to take personal pride in the maintenance of their fighters. Now all ships are competently double checked by the pilots. Efficiency ratings in the Repair Pit have doubled in the last six months.


Unlike many commanders, Lt. Cmdr. Deveraux does not use sympathy or camaraderie to inspire her pilots. In fact, many people including both subordinates and peers have complained of her "cold demeanor" and lack of compassion. Her methods are effective, however. She drills her people until their skills begin to develop, and never misses the opportunity to provide positive reinforcement for improvement. The fact that she is also quick to reprimand, and has a scathing wit to aim at anyone who doesn't work up to his fullest potential, provides the sharp "stick" to counterpoint any of her "carrot" compliments.


I am concerned about Lt. Cmdr. Deveraux's encouragement of the custom that pilots "disremember" any battle fatalities. It may be a way of coping with the high mortality rate, but the captain and I are concerned that it is not psychologically healthy, and it is definitely disrespectful of the final sacrifice these pilots have made.