Auntie Maria Gabriel

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Auntie Maria Gabriel
Date 2790
Type Escort
Payment 3,000 CR
Objectives Get Auntie Maria Gabriel safely to Hephaestus. You can take your time - she will hide in your hold until you get to Hephaestus no matter how many landings that takes. If you sell your ship and buy another, she'll climb into the new one and continue waiting. As soon as you land on Hepaestus, she'll send you this message:
Failure Basically, the only way to fail this mission is to die before making it to Hephaestus.
Disc 1
Previous Bernice Barlow
Next Dr. Graham Gould

Mission Layout

Random encounters only.

Official Guide

Auntie Maria just came into a little money, and she's afraid someone's out to get it. She offers you more than a little bit if you agree to deliver her safely to Hephaestus.


At some point, you might run into Auntie Maria in the Blessed Brew. When you click on her, you begin this subplot.


The subplot ends.


Auntie Gabriel (BB). I'll give you 3000 credits to get me to Hephaestus.

(Well... Why not? / Is this legal? Forget it.)


Better get Auntie Maria to Hephaestus.


Thank you my friend. Meet me at The Rampant Robot Bar for payment.

Auntie Maria


Better go to the Rampant Robot to see Auntie Maria.


Auntie Gabriel (RR). Don't talk to me about beer.