Armada Patch 1.0

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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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  • AJ.EXE


Wing Commander Armada: Patch 1.0. This Patch is being distributed free of charge. It does, however, require the original Wing Commander Armada. This version of Armada is believed to be free of bugs. If you find any problems please report them to the Origin BBS at (512)331-4446 and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Installation: To install the Armada Patch just unzip the file into your Wing Commander Armada directory, the run Armada.exe.


  • Colorado Spectrum notebook support added
    1. Follow the instructions provided with the adapter to enable it.
    2. type armada.exe -j to use the notebook gameport
    3. The Colorado Spectrum adapter only supports COM 1 and COM 2
  • Passwords for each gauntlet level
    1. Passwords are issued after successfully completing a level in the gauntlet mode
    2. Passwords must be typed exactly as shown
    3. Will only work for Single player mode (ie: No Net or Modem gauntlet games will use passwords)
    1. To use the Password you MUST exit the game and run armada followed by the Password. Ex: armada.exe -!PASSWORD
    2. The game will start as normal, but you MUST go into One Player mode and select Gauntlet Mode.
    3. Choose your race (ie: Confederation or Kilrathi)
    4. If you typed in the password correctly it will tell you it was accepted.

Adittional keyboard reference for Armada

Key Function
Alt-KEYPAD PLUS = brighten the targeting crosshair
Alt-KEYPAD MINUS = darken the targeting crosshair


Wing Commander Armada(tm) Joystick Calibration Copyright: Origin System, Inc. 1994

This program will calibrate your joystick(s) for Wing Commander Armada(tm). This program will also calibrate the Thrustmaster Joystick and it's coolie-hat.

To calibrate your joystick, you must make sure that it's plugged in and the program tells you it's active. If the program tells you that the joystick is 'inactive' or that it's 'NOT AVAILABLE' then it probably is not compatible with Armada(tm).

If your joystick is valid, then move the joystick cursor around the box calibration square. When you're done, then 'fine tune' the joystick's center point so that it stays within the centered box.

(Calibration options: ENTER for normal, T for Thrustmaster or ESC to Quit)