A-18 Crossbow

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A-18 Crossbow
Type Heavy Bomber
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction 2667 (prototype)
General Characteristics
Length 24 meters
Mass 40 tonnes
Crew 2 (pilot and gunner)
Maximum Yaw 8 dps
Maximum Pitch 8 dps
Maximum Roll 8 dps
Acceleration Average
Cruise 200 kps
Maximum 370 kps
1 (rear)
Default Missile Loadout
Jump Drive Yes
Fore 50 cm equivalent
Aft 50 cm equivalent
Front 40.0 cm
Rear 40.0 cm
Left 35.0 cm
A-18 Crossbow Target Identification.
Source Special Operations 1

The A-18 Crossbow is a heavy bomber in the service of the Terran Confederation.

The Crossbow was designed with the purposes of a typical bomber, but also as an alternative to the A-17 Broadsword. Having a smaller chassis and greater maneuverability, it was meant to fulfill the purposes of the Broadsword but allow for better performance in combat. Sporting a heavy weapons loadout, it was a dangerous opponent to enemy capital ships, and could take a lot of damage before it was felled in battle. It is also one of a handful of Terran starfighters that are jump-capable.

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The Crossbow was first introduced in the 2660s and in 2667 was being field-tested on the TCS Gettysburg in the Epsilon Sector. During these tests, the crew of the Gettysburg staged a mutiny against their commander after he gave them illegal orders to fire on unarmed Kilrathi refugee ships, overtaking the vessel and the prototype Crossbows on board. After Colonel Christopher Blair informed the mutineers they had been pardoned for their crimes, the Gettysburg launched a flight of Crossbows to destroy the Rigel Supply Depot, which had been seized by rogue marines who were preying upon civilian supply convoys.

The Crossbow also saw limited service during the defense of Ghorah Khar in 2667, a Kilrathi system which had seceded from the Kilrathi Empire. Colonel Blair also used a Crossbow in the capture of Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka during this same fleet action, however the Crown Prince escaped from his imprisonment shortly afterwards.

It is unknown what further actions the Crossbow undertook in the Terran-Kilrathi War.


A-18 Crossbow (2668) WCAManualCrossbow.JPG YA-18/A-18 Crossbow Wc2crossbow.jpg A-18 Crossbow II Wc2crossbow.jpg A-18 Crossbow III Wc2crossbow.jpg
Sources: Wing Commander Academy Manual Special Operations 1/Wing Commander: Academy Special Operations 1 Special Operations 1
Class: Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber
Length: 24 meters 24 meters 24 meters 24 meters
Mass: 40 metric tonnes 40 metric tonnes 40 metric tonnes 40 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 370 KPS 370 KPS 370 KPS 370 KPS
Cruise Velocity: 200 KPS 200 KPS 200 KPS 200 KPS
Acceleration: Average 2 (relative) 1 (relative) 1 (relative)
Max Y/P/R: 8/8/8 DPS 8/8/8 DPS 3/3/4 DPS 8/8/8 DPS
Guns: Neutron Guns (2) Neutron Guns (2) Neutron Guns (2) Neutron Guns (2)
Guns: Mass Drivers (3) Mass Drivers (3) Particle Cannons (2) Particle Cannons (2)
Missiles: Friend or Foe (3) Friend or Foe (3) Friend or Foe (2) Friend or Foe (2)
Missiles: Torpedoes (4) Torpedoes (4) Torpedoes (2) Torpedoes (2)
Turrets: Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (1) Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (1) Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (1) Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (1)
Armor (Front/Rear/Sides): 20.0/20.0/35.0 cm 40.0/40.0/35.0 cm 15.0/15.0/10.0 cm 300.0/300.0/300.0 cm
Shields (Fore/Aft): 25.0/25.0 cm 50.0/50.0 cm 20.0/20.0 cm 100.0/100.0 cm
Shield Recharge: Not Listed 4 cm/seconds 5 cm/seconds 5 cm/seconds
Missile Decoys: None None None None
Jump Capable: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service Entry Not Listed 2667 2667 2667


TCSNA Handbook

  • Spacecraft of the Terran and Kilrathi Fleets
    • The Crossbow is a formidable Confederation anti-capital ship bomber. It combines impressive armor and shields with good maneuverability and traveling velocity. The fighter is equipped with torpedoes, Friend-or-Foe missiles and an array of blasters that include a rear turret. It was a contingent of Crossbows that destroyed the Grakneth'Dak, a Kilrathi capital ship first sighted near Gorath.

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