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How The Scoreboard Works

The Standoff Simulator Scoreboard allows players to submit their high scores for inclusion in an automated global ranking system.

In order to use this feature, the first thing you need is a CIC Forums username. If you don't already have one, register here. It's free, safe and allows you to easily participate in CIC Forums discussions pertaining to all things Wing Commander. Your sim scores are tied to your unique Crius identity.

You will then need to configure Standoff to send your scores. Start Standoff's Launcher and click on the "Options" button. Check the "Send sim missions scores to the CIC" box, and type your username in the textbox below.

You're all set! If you are connected to the internet when you play a sim mission, the score will now automatically be uploaded to the CIC global scoreboard when the mission ends, or when you die/eject. You will then be able to view and compare your personal stats with others on the CIC scoreboard.

You can quickly go to your personal scoreboard page by clicking on the "Online Scoreboards" button from the Standoff Launcher. If you do not have a username in the “Send scores” box the button will take you to the main scoreboard page.

In previous releases of Standoff, the Scoreboard only collected scores from some missions. With the release of Episode 5, all ten simulator missions are now supported.

Note that your score will NOT be sent if you manually quit the mission (or the game) instead of ending it properly. The score will also NOT be sent if you played the game with invulnerability turned on, or you have modified your version of Standoff.

How The Scoring System Works

The scoring system is designed to take into account the difficulty setting of the game. The standard score is 10 points per kill on rookie level and increases by 10 for every difficulty level, up to 50 on nightmare level. In addition, there are three ships whose scores are counted differently from the rest. The Crossbow and Broadsword, since they do not have afterburners, are given a 20% bonus for each difficulty setting over rookie (cumulative). The powerful Wraith, on the other hand, has a 25% score penalty on all difficulty levels.

Whenever you kill an enemy within ten seconds of your last kill, you get a quick kill bonus, equal to the score you get for one kill. This bonus is cumulative, meaning that if you then kill another fighter within 10 seconds of your second kill, you will get two quick kill bonuses. So this effectively awards you triple the normal kill score. In the gauntlet missions, the later waves will give you the opportunity to build up very profitable kill chains - in theory, maintaining a quick kill chain all through wave 15, for example, would allow you to get fifteen times the normal kill score for the final kill in that wave. Failing to get another kill within 10 seconds of the last one breaks the chain, and you have to start over. Whenever you get a quick kill, you will see the bonus score displayed on screen.

There are also additional bonuses that will be awarded for objective-related targets in certain missions. When you receive one of these bonuses it will be displayed on screen.

The boards are broken down three ways. The main index displays the high score for each mission by fighter type. Links on the left menu also point to mission scoreboards ranked by pilot. Each individual fighter has its own stats detailed below that. Finally, each pilot has his own personal accomplishments page.

Mission Ribbons and Medals

When you successfully complete a sim mission you will be awarded a mission ribbon which will be displayed on your CIC scoreboard pilot page.

You can also get medals for outstanding performances. Some can be earned in any mission and some are mission-specific. Some might be considered easy and others are most definitely not. When you complete one of these they will be displayed in the end of mission scoreboard. Earned "achievements" will be displayed on your personal scoreboard page.

Here are a few examples of achievements you can get:

  • Quick Ace: 5 quick kills chain
  • Every Shot Counts: maintained a gun accuracy over 70% in a successful mission
  • Solo flying: player is credited with 100% of the kills in a successful mission

The mission ribbons and medals are adjusted to take the difficulty settings into account, going from bronze to gold.

Rookie Veteran Ace Hero Nightmare
1 Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze
2 Bronze Bronze Silver Silver Silver
3+ Gauntlets Bronze Silver Silver Gold Gold

Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting

Q. How do I enable more flyable ships in the simulator?
A. All the ships you can fly are visible. The "alswantsmoreships" cheat is no longer needed to unlock additional ships. Everything is at your fingertips.

Q. My high score doesn't get uploaded to the CIC.
A. Check if you have entered your correct user name and that the option "Send sim mission scores to the CIC" is enabled in the options menu. Also make sure that your firewall is configured to allow Standoff to connect to the web. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you manually quit a mission (through the options menu), your score will not be sent to the CIC, even though it will appear on the game's internal scoreboard. Finally, the scores are only sent if no cheats or invulnerability have been used and the game files haven't been tampered with (so be sure to use an unmodded version of Standoff).

Q. I just tried the Wraith, and I only got 7 points per kill on rookie, not 10!
A. Yep. The Wraith is quite simply the best ship available in the game. Even in the hands of a below-average pilot, finishing a sim mission in the Wraith is usually a breeze. So the Wraith gets a 25% score penalty on all difficulty level. In other words, you can choose to fly a super-ship if you want things to be easy... but you'll still have to work hard to get a high score. :)

Q. Do any other ships get penalties or bonuses?
A. Yes, but only two. The Crossbow and Broadsword have no afterburners, which makes it extremely difficult to get quick kill bonuses. To offset this, they receive a progressive bonus. The bonus is 0% for rookie, but increases by 20% for every difficulty level, so a Crossbow on nightmare will get 80% more points than other fighters.

Q. What about the Talon? It sucks so bad, why doesn't it receive a bonus?
A. Well, sure, we could add bonuses or penalties to every ship if we wanted to. But this would get confusing very quickly and ultimately spoil the fun - we all know a Ferret is technically inferior to the Rapier, but the challenge is to prove that you're a better pilot by beating everyone's Rapier scores in a Ferret despite of this. :) The Wraith and the afterburner-less ships were somewhat different than the rest of the fighters, so we felt they deserved special treatment - but no other ships do. And yes, the Talon does suck. Why do you think you were able to rack up huge numbers of them in the Gemini Sector?

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