Guitar Medley A Tribute To Ultima Theme Update ID

We know a large chunk of Wing Commander fans out there are also Ultima fans, so here's a sweet audio treat. ChequerChequer put together this beautiful guitar cover that mixes the main themes from Ultima V through IX. Give it a listen and enjoy - even Richard Garriott liked it! You can follow the links in the video's description to find an mp3 download.
And today I bring you a quite simple, yet very beautiful theme, probably unkown to most of you all. It is about a online game for Windows and other microsoft platforms, called Ultima. I played very little of these series, but this song is the most famous from this franchise, so I had to give it a shot!

In this cover I finally truly felt a challenge regarding mixing, because usually I mix heavy stuff, with distorted guitars and all, and the mix in this one was very challenging, because a slight mistake and everything can get out of control, spacialy the compression. This cover showed me that I must study more and be more careful regarding eq and compression! I hope I didnt mess up with it and you enjoy it!


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