Sharing Standoff's Sim Soundtrack Update ID

Wing Commander Standoff is a masterpiece fan creation that closely follows the events of Wing Commander Fleet Action that led up to the Battle of Earth. It's the recipient of six Fan Project of the Year awards and is renowned for its captivating cutscenes, extensive voiceovers, branching gameplay and exciting action. One thing that hasn't gotten a ton of attention is its music, and its little-known simulator tracks are even more obscure. 2fb recently found some of the work he did on these and has posted them alongside the slick title theme by Michael Mahadeen. You can find them at Soundcloud here. Similar to Wing Commander Prophecy's pumped up Cobalt 60 techno tracks available in the sim, 2fb attempted to put together a "Kilrathi-inspired" take on electronic music here. The results are mixed, but it's a really creative attempt!

I just found the original file from the not-so-famous Sim music. I really apologize for it, it seem that my experiment on Kilrathi interpretation of Terran Electronic music did not mix well with the action of the Sim missions. Anyway, you can find the music here at Soundcloud under creative commons license, with the additional Theme track made by Michael Mahadeen with the proper credit.


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