WC2 Modding Leads to New Discoveries Update ID

Fans continue to do amazing things by digging into the earlier Wing Commander games' code. One of the latest findings has led to the manipulation of the screen transitions between segments of the Wing Commander 2 cutscenes. They've found that there are ten possible ways to wipe the screen and launch the next clip - variants of wiping side to side, diagonally and circular from the middle. This is just one of many findings that Wingnuts have discovered recently, albeit a more visible one that's easy for us to highlight. If you'd like to learn about even more detailed hacking that UnnamedCharacter, delMar and lskovlun have revealed, check out the CIC Forums.
As for the wipe index, the following values are possible:

0: wipe down; horizontal line wipe (from top to bottom)
1: wipe left; vertical line wipe (from right to left)
2: wipe up; horizontal line wipe (from bottom to top)
3: wipe right; vertical line wipe (from left to right)
4: wipe diagonal (from top left to bottom right)
5: wipe diagonal (from top right to bottom left)
6: wipe diagonal (from bottom right to top left)
7: wipe diagonal (from bottom left to top right)
8: iris from center to edges
9: iris from edges to center

Recent Updates

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Flat Universe Tournament Fast Approaching

The final countdown starts now for this weekend's big Wing Commander Flat Universe tournament. It happens at 16:00 UTC June 23-24, and interested players should register by Friday. There are some very cool multiplayer modes that will be deployed in the new version of the game and even a spectator mode. (2018-06-21)

Spanish Special Operations are Extra Special

After seeing the Spanish WC2 that Christian Klein recently acquired, the next natural question was whether DROSoft had also localized the Special Operations. The answer is yes, and it comes in an awesome double pack just like the Spanish Secret Missions! Both are in the same box with the game summaries translated side-by-side on the rear of the packaging. (2018-06-20)

Join The Terran Confederation Space Force!

FekLeyrTarg has released his mini Wing Commander fan film. It takes the form of a recruiting commercial that could be used during the Kilrathi War. There's a nice mix of assets here from a Privateer-style building to Sabre fighters to the hefty Rigakh class cruiser. (2018-06-19)

WCSO Model Upgrade Pack Adds Comm Relay Station

DefianceIndustries has completed the first large scale base for the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. This is a cool design, and the tiny little flight deck is a nice touch. In addition to making it much more detailed and gorgeous to look at, he's also significantly amped up the destroyability. (2018-06-18)

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