Meet Me Midway Update ID

The new battlecruisers aren't the only capital ships in Wing Commander Arena. Here's the game's take on the Midway-class Heavy Carrier, also courtesy of Sean Penney. The Midway appears in Arena's single player "Gauntlet" map. Looks like they've done the old girl justice...

That's a Capital Idea Update ID

Electronic Arts is watching you... but in a good way! Wing Commander Arena lead Sean Penney has been following the talk on the forums, and noticed that fans were curious about how the capital ships in Arena came to be. Here's his explanation, with a number of the fan images they actually used to work on the design! He also promises that we're going to learn some more background about these ships very soon...
Ben - reading through the forums there are a lot of questions about the battlecruisers - Attached are some of the inspirations for the cap ships.

The battlecruisers are modeled after the destroyer, but were modified a bit to accommodate game play.

We tried to take characteristics from other popular ships and work them into the designs since we couldn't model all of them.

We discussed frankensteining ships together, two halves of different ships, maybe with bombers "Welded" to the hull as additional engines and navigational thrusters - this was intended as a reflection of the way technology has been knocked back out on the frontier, but in the end went with an "inspired vision" that was more traditionally Wing Commander.

Recent Updates

WCSO Model Upgrade Pack Adds Comm Relay Station

DefianceIndustries has completed the first large scale base for the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. This is a cool design, and the tiny little flight deck is a nice touch. In addition to making it much more detailed and gorgeous to look at, he's also significantly amped up the destroyability. (2018-06-18)

Happy Father's Day

Many countries celebrate Father's Day today, and we know a lot of Wing Commander fans have recently become dads out there. My little one just turned 16 months old, and I'm happy to that see she grabs a controller and starts pushing buttons whenever she gets a chance.The CIC is more of a news site than a blog, but it's also a community hub more than anything, and it feels right to share this personal story with the community. (2018-06-17)

The Attack Begins... Soon

There's tons of great Wing Commander fan projects out there, but it's not every day that we get a teaser for a new one. FekLeyrTarg has had a hand in quite a few different endeavors over the years, and his latest will be a new short fan film. Projects like these have been proposed a number of times over the years, but we haven't seen very many come to fruition. (2018-06-16)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Surprised Koala

Too soon? (2018-06-16)

Wing Commander's Better than Super Mario Brothers

Who knew IMDB made little video shorts? They've just posted a clip to celebrate the recent 25th birthday of the Super Mario Brothers movie. It talks a bit about why the film was the way it was and how it was critically panned. (2018-06-15)

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