Kilrah Slings Some Arrows Update ID

Kilrah Moreira has sent us two exciting new wallpapers. You may recall his awesome Arrow V model from a few months back... well, now you can see it in action! The Arrows are out in force in "Scouting the Void" (left)... and they're tangling with a group of Strakha in "Break Formation!" (right). They'd better watch out -- Warbirds says that "a lone Straakha has been known to eliminate four Hellcats in the space of ten minutes"... and those Arrows are outnumbered five to two!

I must say that this wouldn’t be possible without the help of Lorddarthvik and Zohrath. Thank you very much, guys. :)

A 1280x960 version of the Strakha/Arrow battle is also available here.

Music For The Rest of Us Update ID

We've had several requests for copies of the 'other' tracks from the ultra-rare Origin Soundtrack CD. They may not be Wing Commander... but they're still great, so we're happy to oblige. The CD has a single track for each game, which we've converted into mp3s below. Each track has multiple themes, listed below -- if Ultima and Bad Blood fans can figure out how to properly divide them up we'll be happy to host those as well. You can find their Wing Commander counterparts (alongside more Wing Commander music than you can shake a steak at) in our Albums Section.

Track 2 - Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2 - "Martian Dreams" (22.8 megs)

1 Main Theme / Tom Hollingshead
2 Daytime / The Fatman
3 Surface Combat / The Fatman
4 Victory / Dana Glover
5 Turn Back the Clock / Dana Glover
6 Dream Combat / Tom Hollingshead
7 Nighttime / The Fatman
8 Below Ground / Tom Hollingshead

Track 3 - Bad Blood (13.4 megs)

1 Tranquil Nature / Steve Morris
2 Main Theme - After The Holocaust / Steve Morris
3 Murmurings / Steve Morris
4 Choice For Hope / Steve Morris
5 The Decision / Steve Morris
6 The Send-Off / Steve Morris
7 Plains / Steve Morris
8 The City / Steve Morris

Track 4 - Ultima VI - The False Prophet (14.3 megs)

1 Can't Remove the Pain / Todd Porter
2 Rule Britannia / Herman Miller
3 I Hear You Crying / Todd Porter
4 The Wander / Todd Porter
5 Black Forest / Todd Porter
6 Fall Leaves / Todd Porter
7 Stones / David Watson 7 Kathleen Jones

Track 5 - Ultima Worlds of Adventure 1 - "The Savage Empire" (9.1 megs)

1 Main Theme - The Savage Empire / The Fatman
2 Jingle Of The Jungle / The Fatman
3 On The Surface / The Fatman

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