Holding the Line: Chapter 127 Update ID

Take some time to read the latest chapter of Holding the Line, titled "On Deadly Ground". You can find it here. Here's Raptor's introduction...
Hey all, Raptor here.

HTL continues with part eight of the Tiger Hunt series, called "On Deadly Ground." We're now going to take a break from the Forge's battle against the Nephilim dreadnaught and take a look at the Border Worlds forces distracting the Nephilim. As you saw in part seven, the Border Worlders had deliberately revealed the position of their carriers to draw the Nephilim fighters towards them, and away from the capital ships targeted by the rest of the Combined Fleet. The major drawback to that plan though, is that the flight wings from three different super carriers are now poised to descend on the Border Worlders. This chapter picks up from there, and is written by yours truly, so please send any and all comments to me.

A couple of notes about Border Worlds tactics and fighting styles: I'm working on the theory that the Border Worlders, having older and fewer ships and fighters than Confed does, would have trouble fighting a conventional fleet action. Instead, I would expect that they use their better knowledge of the "terrain" and their unconventional tactics to good effect. I would also expect them to be pretty ruthless when they had to be, as they showed in WC4 by destroying the transports filled with infected Telamon refugees.

Best, Raptor

Vengeance of the Kilrathi? Update ID

Here's a very interesting quote from the latest PC Gamer FreeLancer preview: "Freelancer was conceived by Wing Commander legend Chris Roberts, who's now in Hollywood working on movies, including a rumored Wing Commander 2 heading straight to video." Are they just confusing the TV show? Are we confusing the TV show? Are there two Wing Commander projects? Time will tell...

Making a Mess of a Murphy Update ID

The Unknown Enemy site has been updated with the latest progress information. The team has been hard at work converting voiceovers and rotating logo comm videos. Pictured is the 'death version' of the Confed rotating comm logo...

Freespace 2 Source Code Released Update ID

Christian Geroux reports on this interesting VolitionWatch update :

Take a breath people, this is a very momentous and historic occasion for the FreeSpace community and for all FreeSpace fans. FreeSpace 2 Source Code has been released.

All of the countless changes, fixes, and modifications that we've all wanted to make to FreeSpace 2 are now possible. I am the last person to ask about the possibilities that this opens up for projects like The Babylon Project, but its definitely a major event.

A very excited Cpl Hades remarked : "Boy, I hope somebody creates a Wing Commander mod with really big capships!"

Happy Birthday, LOAF! Update ID

It's true. LOAF turns 21 today which I'm told comes with the ability to buy vast amounts of alcohol and firearms - legally! If you are a freak or even if you aren't you can wish LOAF a happy birthday or ask him to buy you alcohol by emailing him here. Everyone else is!

Lighting the Flash Game Update ID

Emperor Quark has created a nifty Wing Commander Strategy game using Macromedia Flash. You can try your hand at it here (700k) -- a great way to waste those long hours at work. Requires Flash 6, available here.

Wing Commander Unplugged Update ID

Remember Scrap? He made those Wing Commander guitar tabs some months back... and now he's put his fingers where his mouth is and recorded himself playing an acoustic cover the theme. It's pretty good -- and you can add it to your mp3 playlist by grabbing a copy here. Heh, fingers where his mouth is... to think I don't get paid for this.

April Fools Update ID

A remarkable number of people actually believed Joe was going to play Blair in the Wing Commander TV show. That's just wrong -- we all know he's holding out for a role in Ultima: The Movie. Joe runs The Origin Museum, but he's not a teen sensation)...

... yet.

Holding the Line: Chapter 126 Update ID

Without further delay, here's the latest chapter of Holding the Line. Here's Raptor's intro:
Hey all, Raptor here.

HTL continues with the third part of "Further Down The Spiral 2", as the Forge crew intensify their battle against the enemy dreadnaught battlegroup. You saw last week that the Forge pilots had launched a preliminary strike to weaken the dreadnaught's escorts, but had encountered heavy resistance. This week, that battle moves into high gear. This chapter is jointly written by all the Valley Forge writers, so please send any and all comments to them.

As I said last time, the HTL crew have been getting together with the CIC staff to set up an HTL archive based at the CIC. Setting up that big an archive will be likely to take some time though, given how busy the CIC staff are and the commitments we all have in real life. To see us through till the CIC Archive is operational, Neo has kindly uploaded his files to a temporary archive site on one of his own accounts. This contains all HTL chapters up to the end of FDTS 2, which coincidentally is this week's chapter on the CIC. The temporary archives can be found at this address:


Best, Raptor

That One About Akkbar Update ID

Like most Americans, we don't really care about Akkbar anymore... but it wouldn't be April Fools Day without an Akkbar themed update. And this is it.

Console War Ends! Update ID

In a completely unexpected turn of events, the long-abandoned 3DO Console has claimed victory in the fierce console war. In a move that shocked the now-surrendered competition, the 3DO flew a desperate end run mission, striking the enemy fault line with highly experimental "M2" technology and toppling the three console giants. Although Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (now "The Assembly of Consoles") could have easily struck back against the vastly inferior 3DO system they recognized that to do so would be without honor and surrendered unconditionally.

Historic Accord Reached Update ID

WingNuts everywhere can finally breathe a sigh of release -- a long-debated treaty with SpaceBattles has finally been signed. Master negotiator Bob McDob summed it up best: "In exchange for allowing Freespace and Star Wars ships to have six times as many guns Wing Commander ships will be considered invulnerable to being attacked by dogs! Additionally, all references to 'durasteel' in the WC canon will be considered to have read 'apple pie'. Let the intelligent debate begin!"

Wing Commander TV Show Cast! Update ID

Chris Roberts' PNR Films issued a press release today announcing that the role of Colonel Blair in the upcoming Wing Commander TV show has been decided: the legendary fighter pilot will be played by The Origin Museum's Joe Garrity. Said Roberts: "We wanted to go with an unknown instead of a teen idol this time... but I think the results will speak for themselves: Joe Garrity will be the next Freddie Prinze Junior." Pictured below: Garrity in full costume.

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