Two.Two.Twice as Good Update ID

Visitors to the Chat Zone may have noticed a difference -- it's got weird new icons and a thing that tells you who else is online. That's because Kris and Hades have worked hard to bring you... vBulletin 2.2.2! It's... different! And very similar! Enjoy.

More Tech Support, More Tech Support Update ID

A few days back we lamented the loss of Origin's wonderful old tech support site -- to which their new, flash-free, website bid adieu. Well, thanks to the wonders of technology and a lot of hand editing I've recreated the original site... and you can find it here. It's got information on solving many, many technical issues for Origin's older games. I'll bet it takes me about three minutes to get sued for this...

Summer of Freelancer Update ID

GameStop is now reporting that Freelancer is due on June 1st -- not January 30th as previously claimed. Good news for people expecting the best game possible from many of the people who brought us Wing Commander... and lets face it, we're used to waiting. For up to the minute Freelancer news and information, be sure to check Lancers Reactor. Hey, remember when asking about release dates at stores was the only source of information on upcoming games?

More Books! Update ID

Heart of the Tiger was kind enough to send in pictures of TWO more German WC guides! Ahh, there are so many! Seen below are guides for Wing Commander 1/2 and Wing Commander 3! If anyone has any more information (publisher, author, availability, ISBN#, etc) on any German Wing Commander guides, please contact me immediately, so we can build a complete WC bibliography.

German Book Questions Update ID

For thousands of years, man has pondered one topic above all -- German Wing Commander Guides. My limited research indicates that there seem to be at least nine... but Americans know next to nothing about them. I've collecter pictures of their covers in a German guides section here -- in hopes that someone familiar with these books will contact me with details I can add.

Tales of Known Space Update ID

Well, it's monday and it's slow as heck... so here's another one of those pictures of Barbara Niven (WC3, WC4) from eBay...

3 Years Later, Line Still Held Update ID

The Wing Commander Aces Club's Holding the Line PBM is celebrating their third anniversary! That's three years of hard and visible work, for those unfamiliar with the series. Congratulations from the CIC team to everyone involved in HTL! Raptor asks that we post this state of the PBM address:
Hey all, Raptor here

HTL celebrates its third anniversary today, having started publishingchapters via the Aces Club mailing list on the 28th of January 1999. In thattime, the project has involved two dozen writers who have written over 150chapters between them. Naturally, as happens with any fan project, somewriters have left along the way due to work and other real life commitments,but the overall story line has remained strong and gained some talented newwriters along the way. At the moment, the writing team is working on thefinale set in the Nifelhiem system, which will follow the Loki arc chaptersnow being published via the mailing list and on the CIC. If everything goesas planned, the writing effort will be wrapped up by this time next year,but HTL will continue publishing chapters for another year after that. Thebiggest and bloodiest battles are still to come, so stay tuned.

Best, Raptor

2654: A Space Odyssey Update ID

You've seen the ugly American poster... you've seen the nifty European poster... but have you seen... the most confusing Wing Commander Movie poster of all? It's from Japan -- and it has the best of both worlds! Take note, dyslexic FOX execs: they even got the movie's date right!

Vega Strike Jumps Out Update ID

The Vega Strike web site has been updated several times over the last few days... with technical details that make my small brain spin. You'd better head over and check it out for yourself. Here's one that I do get: new screenshots showing off the engine's newfound ability to jump:

Cool as a Quasar Update ID

Shades (and then several other people) found another interesting vit at the Saab & Miller Productions site: while working for Digital Anvil they were responsible for the impressive Charybis Quasar sequence of the Wing Commander Movie.

As an aside, the company is run by Wing Commander veterans Kerry Miller & Pauline Saab (WCIV, WCP, SO, etc.) -- which gives us an excuse for trivia! Whoever can find the most 'Saab' references in Wing Commander games gets a virtually useless GOLD STAR... and bragging rights! E-mail your responses to LOAF.

From Rapier to Snakeir Update ID

Aaron Dunbar has found another very interesting thing: the web site of Eric Alba, the facility vfx producer, main-title producer for the Wing Commander Movie. He's got a fantastic section showcasing 94(!) pictures of the work he did for the film -- many of which are 'making of' type images which show how the FX were created. Very, very cool!

Holding the Line: Chapter 119 Update ID

Chapter 119 of Holding the Line is here! The exciting Aces Club PBM continues!. Here's Raptor with the intro...
Hey all, Raptor here.

HTL continues with second half of Scraps of Honour 10, which follows the reserve pilots who will be backing up the main fleet in HTL's finale. As you saw in the last chapter, the Border Worlds reserves had launched a mock attack on their Confed counterparts, and the battle was in full swing. This story picks up from there. Please send any and all comments to the author, Nick "Chaeronea" Deane at

Best, Raptor

Mint In Box Update ID

Premiere computer gaming commentator Arcadian Del Sol has written an article on Electronic Arts' decision to stop using game boxes. He brings up an issue that has long troubled all mankind: how the heck do you properly display those round Wing Commander III: Premiere Edition tins?

Newsflash: No Flash Update ID

Here's one no one would have expected -- Origin has finally replaced their web site. What's good? No more Flash! What's not so good? They deleted their excellent tech support pages in the process! Luckily, we're hard at work using the Orb to re-create the lost site... In the meantime go read about the latest re-release of Multima.

Almost There! Update ID

Thursday got you down? Well, here's one worry of your mind: The Fatman's Wing Commander sountrack CD is still on its way! We were all a little worried when nothing was heard about it for a while... but our fears were unnecessary: Fatman reports that he's finished mastering the album and that it's "well...real good"!

They Sure Love Excaliburs Update ID

Kenneth Armstrong forwarded us something interesting... a picture of the artwork for the Japanese release of Wing Commander 3 PSX. Interestingly, there seem to be a bunch of WC games that were never released on Japanese consoles... has anyone ever seen a SM1 Super Famicom or a WC4 PSX?

Happy Birthday Hadrian Update ID

Evan "Hadrian" Adnams, the man responsible for things like buttons that say '2001' and mouspads with pictures of ships on them, turns twenty today. Happy birthday, even if you did ruin the theme of 'Transport Tuesday'. E-mail him your best wishes here.

Standoff Changes Update ID

The Wing Commander Standoff project has undergone some major changes. They've revamped the storyline, redone their web site and decided to use the Secret Ops engine. Due to the storyline changes, older ships have been removed from the project -- and newer ones have been added, including the Sabre, Broadsword, Crossbow, Gladius, Stiletto, Escort Carrier, Dralthi, Vaktoth, Gratha and Snakeir. They've posted these new screenshots of the new ships in action -- pretty cool!

Thats-a Cheap-o Meatball Update ID

WildFire reports that the Wing Commander movie DVD is just $9.99 at Circuit City. Why is this? FOX has significantly lowered its MSRP -- down from $35 to $14.99! If you don't already have ten copies of the WC movie on region 1 DVD, this is a good time to stock up.

Holding the Line: Chapter 118 Update ID

Got a few minutes on your hands? Check out Chapter 118 of the Holding the Line PBM. Here's Raptor's introduction:
Hey all, Raptor here

HTL continues with the first part of Scraps of Honour 10. While the BorderWorlds carriers continue setting the trap for the enemy fleet in Loki, andthe rest of the Combined Fleet closes in for the kill, we're going to take abreak from the fighting for a while. Instead, we'll be looking at thereserve groups that are gathering to help the Combined Fleet finish off theenemy once and for all.

This chapter is called "Tempering The Mettle" and focuses on the Scrappers,a Border Worlds Militia unit that is with the reserve force. It alsofeatures the first ever appearance of Pokemon in a Wing Commander story. Beafraid. Be very afraid. *G* This story is written by Nick "Chaeronea" Deane,so please send any all comments to him at

Best, Raptor

Dev-ing is in the Details Update ID

PopsiclePete posted a nice update for people wondering just where the heck Unknown Enemy is... and here it is:
Alot of progress. Well, these past three weeks have been slow, because of the hollidays and all, but it's now restarting.

What's fascinating of UE, when you see everything that's being made on a day-to-day basis, is the incredible amount of research and reverse-engeneering it has generated. How to add new VDU screens, making event-dynamic MGIs (music), making new ships, splash screens, CIC room, sounds, comms, changing the simulator ships, changing the SAR ship, changing guns, finding new functions to code missions, capship making, guns patching to choose witch guns can affect capital ships. UE staff has also helped HCl and Thomas Bruckner to develop the Hi-Res patch and the WCPPascal mission editor respectively.

When UE goes out, I don't think the player will be aware of the huge amount of work that has been put into it. The best thing is - now that it has been done, there are people with huge experience in modding UE... anyone who wants to make his mod doesn't have to do the almost two-years reserch the UE people have done. When UE is finished, making new 'episodes' for it would be quick... if some people have spare times to make them.

Another Saga Update Update ID

Here's another updated from Tolwyn on the Wing Commander Saga mod for Conquest...
Well we have some minor updates. Two Modelers have joined our team. We are coming underway :-) I've finished another two ships. There are some new screenshots at our site...

It is also possible to extract Conquest DATA files. The splitter allows you to extract certain datatypes from Conquest: Frontier Wars, for now only waves and profiles. What it lacks: It does neither extract textures, models etc, nor does it reproduce the original filenames as stored in the data files. It also doesn't correctly interpret offsets in the files, you also can't insert new files.

UE Updates Update ID

Quarto updated the Unknown Enemy site, reporting that the team has been making progress with voiceovers and with the fiction viewer. They've also posted a screenshot from the intro:

Big Red Gratha Update ID

Here's another amazing example of international Wing Commander artwork: a detailed view of the Super Famicom (SNES) Wing Commander boxart... it's got Dralthi, Gratha and an exploding Fralthi! Amazing!

The Saga Continues Update ID

Tolwyn of the Wing Commander Saga (for Conquest) sent us this update... there are also two new screenshots (See below)!
Here is a small status update of our progress…


  • Wraith is administration.
  • Evening is Web Development & Maitnence, news, & assist. admin.
  • Tolwyn is Web Layout/Updates/News and Modelling(Concordia and Destroyer Class)
  • Magnum is 3d Modelling
  • Messiah is well Inactive/Away
  • Shogun is webactive right now and well other items that are being privately discussed
  • beergod is well doing his job(making ideas) and Darkpetzi is working on textures for a few ships
  • Dodgevpr has been removed from the staff list since he did nothing….
  • Everyone welcome the new addition to the Wing Commander Saga Mod team, Sirex our new Modeller

Wing Commander 1 & 2

  • Sabre MK II by StarSaint (UNTEXTURED) -?
  • Bengal Class by StarSaint (UNTEXTURED) -?
  • Ferret by Sirex (UNTEXTURED) -?
Wing Commander 4

In the moment I'm working on Wing Commander 4 Mod alone…

  • Concordia Class (FINISHED) -missing turrets
  • Destroyer Class (FINISHED) -missing turrets
  • Tallahassee Class (FINISHED) -missing turrets
  • Vesuvious Class (UNTEXTURED) -missing turrets
  • Transport (UNTEXTURED) -missing turrets
  • Laser Turret (FINISHED) -extracted from the Wing Commander IV
By the way. I've uploaded Wing Commander Saga Wallpaper. Check it out here (1024*768)

Catscratch Fever Update ID

Rick Salemi points out something interesting: an article at which talks about Electronic Arts' decision to shut down their Majestic online game. Maybe the resources will go to the next Wing Commander. Hey, it's just as likely as two current articles being about the guy who played Catscratch (one and two).

Ralgha is a Good Turtle Update ID

Here's something you don't see every day: the box for the FM Towns edition of Wing Commander, complete with amazing new art! Interesting that the Japanese use actual WC ship designs, whereas the novel covers do not... if you have any information about Japanese Wing Commander titles, please contact us immediately.

Raiders of The... Update ID

The aforementioned Cameron Wu has sent us a promo shot for his upcoming Wing Commander 3D short, titled Raiders. You can read more aboutthe project at its new official page at it's got screenshots, information and even the script!

Holding the Line: Chapter 117 Update ID

Raptor has forwarded Chapter 117 of the Holding the Line PBM. You can read it here, after checking out the introduction below:
Hey all, Raptor here.

HTL continues with the third and final part of FDTS 1. As you saw in the last chapter, there was trouble aplenty aboard the TCS Valley Forge as she hunts down a Nephilim dreadnaught. There is a conspiracy afoot, the crew are at each other's throats, and the WC had serious doubts about how her emotionally exhausted pilots would mesh with the Confed and Kilrathi 'reinforcements' who have just arrived. This chapter picks up from there. The story is jointly written by all the Valley Forge team, so please send any and all comments to them.

Best, Raptor

Generic TC Update #2 Update ID

TC also found some nifty Wing Commander artwork at SpaceBattles. Someone named Douglas Nicol has done a super-cool shot of an Excalibur and a Hellcat -- and here it is:

Generic TC Update #1 Update ID

TC found all the news today! And here's the first bit: Cameron Wu has rendered a test scene of the Excalibur model he'll be using in his upcoming Wing Commander movie -- showing off its running lights. Check it out here.

Ye Olde Privateer 2 Update ID

Starman happened across a British online store that's still selling Privateer 2 -- for only £12 (and free shipping!). If you're lucky enough to be in the United Kingdom, you can grab a copy of the second best Privateer game ever at SoftwareSavings.

WCA Art 11: You Won't Like It Update ID

And that's all... for now! This Wing Commander Academy planetscape was the exterior of Daimon Karnes' base at Tortuga in episode 2. The original even has glittery glitter stars! Which would be a good name for an anime series...

Weasel On XP Update ID

The man named most likely to have his name on a shirt is at it again -- #WingNut regular WildWeasel has written an exhaustive report on his tests of Wing Commander games under Windows XP... and here it is! Because, you know...
Wing Commander in Windows XP

When I considered switching to Windows XP Professional, the first question that came to mind was, naturally, whether or not the various Wing Commander games would work on it. So, I took the games I had with me, found a computer with XP installed, and conducted a little experiment. Here are the results:

The Kilrathi Saga: Wing Commander I - successful

Just install and run it like you normally would. The game plays perfectly, like it did with Windows 98.

The Kilrathi Saga: Wing Commander II - successful

Just install and run it like you normally would. The game plays like it did with Windows 98. Unfortunately, this does not correct the errors that were made in its original conversion.

The Kilrathi Saga: Wing Commander III - successful

Just install and run it like you normally would. The game plays perfectly, like it did with Windows 98.

Wing Commander IV - successful

Use a boot-disk to enter DOS mode and install the game from there. Be wary of having the install program detect your sound settings, as this may cause your computer to crash. Once the installation is finished, reboot into Windows XP and apply the Wing Commander IV for Windows 95 patch. This should make the game run perfectly.

Wing Commander: Prophecy - successful

Just install and run it like you normally would. The game plays perfectly, like it did with Windows 98.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops - successful

Just install and run it like you normally would. You may need to use one of Windows XP's compatibility modes. That should make the game run perfectly.

Academy - unsuccessful

Trying to run the game in Windows XP generated the following error message: "No Expanded Memory Detected"

Armada - unsuccessful

Trying to run the game in Windows XP generated the following error message: "Protected mode driver is not responding to EMS function calls. Make sure your EMS driver is not configured with the NOEMS option. If it is, replace the option "NOEMS" with "RAM".

Privateer - unsuccessful

Trying to run the game in Windows XP generated the following error message: "Protected mode driver is not responding to EMS function calls. Make sure your EMS driver is not configured with the NOEMS option. If it is, replace the option "NOEMS" with "RAM".

Righteous Fire - unsuccessful

Trying to run the game in Windows XP generated the following error message: "Protected mode driver is not responding to EMS function calls. Make sure your EMS driver is not configured with the NOEMS option. If it is, replace the option "NOEMS" with "RAM".

I didn't do much tinkering with Academy, Armada, Privateer, and Righteous Fire, but I do know that none of Windows XP's compatibility modes will make those games run. Further troubleshooting may, however, get them to work.

Keep in mind that these are the results from trying the games on my system. You may not get the same results when trying them on your own. Should any of the games not work properly, I'd advise you to try the various compatibility modes that Windows XP offers before you try anything else. Do to this, simply right-click on the shortcut or executable and select Properties. From there, go to the Compatibility tab, check the appropriate checkbox, and use the dropdown box below it to select a mode. Then try running the game again. Good luck!


A Dome Idea Update ID

Brad McKinstry sent in this picture of the Wing Commander Universe in progress: it's a building that will be used in a scene with an agricultural planet. It's got 10,901 polys and is still kacing textures... modeled and rendered in LightWave. Brad reports that it's one of three similar buildings near a farm and mountains.

Gone and Best Forgotten Update ID

TyeDyeBoy reports that GameSpy has run an article on the downfallfall of Electronic Arts' EA.Com. Although it sports a horrifyingly sappy title ("When Kings Fall") and that it doesn't know that 'dateline' means location and not place, it proves a good rundown of what the heck happened to the Origin we knew and loved...

The plus side that the article doesn't get into is that EA may have learned their lesson. They've taken the financial whipping involved thinking everyone wants to play cheap online games, and they've cancelled many of the projects they killed Origin to support. Maybe they'll try and go back to what's tried and true...

You Can Go Homeworld Again Update ID

Newcommanderondablock has created a new patch for the Fleet Action Homeworld TC! This new addon pack contains six ships: the Bengal (carrier), Ralari (assault frigate), Krant/Rapier (defenders), Sabre (Attack Bomber) and Lance (cloak fighter). Unfortunately, the Lance can't be built -- but it can be inserted into maps when making or modifying them. AN engine bug allows it to have capital ship style engines, simulating it's m/am powerplant. The stats of the original mod ships are also changed by this patch, for a more Wing Commander-ish feel. Grab it here (1,258 kb).

Holding the Line: Chapter 116 Update ID

You can now access Chapter 116 of the Holding the Line PBM. And here's Raptor to introduce it...
Hey all, Raptor here

HTL continues with the second part of FDTS 1. As you saw in the first part of the story, the crew of the TCS Valley Forge were hunting for a Nephilim Tiamat class dreadnaught, one of the targets in the tiger hunt planned by Admiral Hanton. However, as the last chapter showed, the Valley Forge was far from a happy ship. Doubts are rife about the captain, and some of the crew are on the verge of mutiny. This chapter picks up from there, and focuses on the many different factions among the Forge crew. This chapter is jointly written by all the Forge writers, so please send any and all comments to them.

Best, Raptor

WCA Art 4: Quit Staring at my Dreadnought Hole Update ID

Today's art shows the underside docking port of Prince Thrakhath's dreadnought, the KIS Agon Ra Sivar. The ship appears in Expendable, Chain of Command and Glory of Sivar (from which the second picture was taken). The difference in color scheme is interesting...

WCA Art 3: Welcome to Tortuga Update ID

Here's part three of the Wing Commander Academy artwork feature. This is a piece of extremely detailed work showing the landing area at Karnes' pirate base on Tortuga (from Episode 2 - The Last One Left)... now look at how it was actually used -- it was cut in half and covered by an Avenger!

Space in the Palm of Your Hand Update ID

Frosty reports that a company called Raylight has developed a new GameBoy Advance game called Star Giants. Hades contacted them to ask a few questions -- it's not Wing Commander... but it sure looks great! Here's the description and some very cool screenshots that Raylight was kind enough to send us...
Star Giants is a 3D space combat simulator, this is the first game of this genre to appear on the GBA and it will set the standard for all other games of this genre on a handheld console. The game will feature massive use of special effects and gorgeous sound. The playability will offer options similar to a pc based title. All the basic commands for the ship will be there including speed, banking, missiles, flare, and different visuals from the cockpit….just like a 3D game on powerful hardware. The most important characteristic of Star Giants is the multipath story. In other words, the story changes according to what the user does and achieves in the game. It will feature different endings. The other important aspect of the game is the multiplayer mode. Thanks to the link-up capabilities of the GBA Star Giants allows up to 4 players to enjoy the game's challenging 3D space fighting. Players can play against each other, combat as a Team (player 1,2 vs player 3,4), or engage in cooperation mode in which the 4 players must work together in order to accomplish their mission. The cooperation mode will have a completely new set of missions to involve all players in the action.

Unique Selling Points

  • gorgeous and attractive graphics with massive use of special effects such as lens flare, smoke trails, wave effects for explosions and more. Really good looking!
  • Dynamic sound according to the in game situation and 3D sound fx! You've got to try Star Giants with headphones to learn how good it sounds!
  • Involving story with multiple paths. It changes according to the in game progression. This means more longevity for the game as the user will return to see how the story changes as they improve!
  • Complex ai routines assure the maximum challenge for the user, requiring him to learn step by step how to control his ship in order to destroy his enemy.
  • Multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players can join the action with different modes of play: all vs all, team game and cooperative game modes.
  • No similar games have been announced, this would be the first of its genre on the GBA and it will surely be a hit thanks to its gorgeous realization, attention to detail, graphics and playability. The press and gamers will be enthusiastic for the game, creating demand for Star Giants and for a possible sequel.

Oh Good, an Ultima Book Update ID

Here's some high-quality salt to rub in the wounds of those still mourning the loss of Pilgrim Truth: Pocket Books has published the second Ultima Online 2 novel, Masquerade. You can pick it up here at Amazon. Despite the cover (below)'s claim that the series is "Based on the bestselling series of PC games!", it is in fact based on the cancelled Ultima Online 2 game... so it's full of crazy confusing things like little furry people and robots. The third novel is currently scheduled for publication in May. Good for Ultima! No, really.

WCA Art 1: Ex-Scimitar Update ID

I've collected some original Wing Commander Academy artwork... and now, thanks to the magic of technology, you can compare this original artwork to the finished product! Here's part 1: Blair's Scimitar crashed on Pisces from the fourth episode, Word of Honor. (The back of the painting says that it's from Show 5 -- Word of Honor was probably the fifth episode produced...)

The Right to Bear Armadas Update ID

EddieB (of Flight Commander fame) has posted something interesting over at the Chat Zone... in his spare time, he's begun creating an Armada/Civilization like Wing Commander project -- and now he's looking for someone to take over development. Here's his comments and some nifty screenshots:
And here's the URL:


  • Java source code
  • Class files
  • Some data files for
  • random name generation
  • some planet pictures
  • a few ship pictures
To run, change to the directory where you extracted the files and type

java GameFrame

You must put the java executable in your path.

you'll need to get the Java Runtime Environment version 1.3 or greater
and the JAXP java XML parser.'ll need to put the .jar files from the xml pack in your java ext directory.

This is really in hopes of finding a java developer willing to take over. Java is a great language for beginning programmers, so I hope someone will become inspired enough to fly with this, I'd be happy to answer questions about the source. It's primarily uses java's swing gui library, and RMI to deal with multiplayer issues, in case any programmers out there are interested.

It's nowhere near finished, but is enough for anyone interested in working on a multiplayer WC strategy game to get a good jump start.

Happy New Year! Update ID

Well, it's a new year full of new hopes for all of us... even Wing Commander! So lets all raise a glass of Sukhar May'ya to hoping this is the year EA gets their heads back on straight. And, incidentally, I'm back! And I've become bitter -- and lets face it, crazy -- over the years! But anyway, look forward to seeing [LOAF] under a bunch of CIC updates again, with all the horrible update title jokes that entails. For example...

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