E-Z Sticker? Update ID

Wonder what the 'FOX E-Z' sticker seen on the first picture of the Wing Commander Movie box is? Apparently that marks the pre-release copies of the cassette, sent to reviewers and such so they could spit at it with scalding hot magma. What does it mean? No one knows...

Happy Memorial Day Update ID

We'd like to just take a second to pay tribute to the 2.1 trillion humans killed during the war with the Kilrathi, as well as the real people who gave their all so we could keep playing Wing Commander. And I'm not talking about Chris Roberts...

Our Daily Bread Update ID

Wouldn't it be nice if there actually were a Privateer 3? I don't really put much faith into these new rumors, and I'd reccomend everybody else do the same -- that said, I'll try and do some checking and see where all this guide information suddenly came from.

Privateer 3 Guide For Only $15.99! Update ID

Not really, don't believe everything you read. We should all know about the rumored Privateer 3 Official Guides that have been advertised since the Privateer 3 game was cancelled over a year ago. Amazon.com plans to get theirs "in stock" on April 14, 2000. Chips & Bits doesn't plan to get any until January, 2001 however. But much like Barnes And Noble's Prophecy Gold Guide, the P3 Guide does not exist. Nevertheless, Doug Gordon brought to our attention the fact that Best Buy is advertising it. And this time, they've got a cover shot to go with it (see below). What they're showing is the Privateer 2 Official Guide however, but with the 2 morphed into a 3. Pretty shady if you ask me..

Venezuela Release Update ID

LocoMan reports that Wing Commander posters have appeared in Venezuela, and that the movie itself should be out in about a month. Apparently it's been re-titled Escuadron Espacial (Space Squadron)... how odd.

Hard at Work Update ID

Korax is hard at work on a fan-based Wing Commander movie type thing... check out this AVI and these 3D images he's been working on! He wants me to be sure and point out that the pictures were done quickly and as thus aren't perfect...

P3 Guide Ramblings Update ID

Although I have my doubts, this does seem rather odd -- Amazon's Privateer 3 Guide has the following description, which is unusually unique. Here goes...
What challenge do you want to take today? Hunt down a wanted criminal? Defend an embattled planet? Escort a vulnerable transport through a dangerous sector? Whatever you choice, you'll need Privateer 3: Prima's Official Strategy Guide. Inside you'll get complete specs for all ships, space combat tactics, shipbuilding strategies, write-ups for every mission, get-rich-quick advice, and descriptions of the most lucrative missions.


Whether you're looking for general tips or detailed explanations, this guide delivers the goods with: complete specs for all ships; space combat tactics; ship-building strategies; world descriptions; write-ups on all missions; best plot choices, best trade routes and get-rich-quick advice; and the most lucrative missions.

Our Daily Bread Update ID

School is finally done! I graduate next week and then I'm off to Texas for orientation... yahoo!

PC Gamer Strikes Again Update ID

Leith Wyndham sent us the Australian equivalent of that PC Gamer article that ran a while back, and it has these three paragraphs which differ... here goes.
So where does this leave fans of both of the long-running series that grew up with in-depth and intense solo play? Will they feel left out and alienated by thos upheavel? Hollis doesn't seem to think so.

"Incrementally evolving the same type of gameplay year after year is not what Origin is all about," Hollis says. "We want to take people where they have never been before, using new technologies to do so. We intend to create the most compelling online experiences anyone has ever seen. As those elements of the single-player to the persisent, massively multi-player experience. Our existing audience will find those things familar and enticing. More importantly, though, the creation of a virtual community of hundreds of thousands of players takes the interactive experienceto a whole new level. This is hugely exciting! Origin is about applying cutting-edge technology to familiar themes, and we believe that is exactly what our existing audience (and more) is going to want to play when they see it."

It still remains to be seen in what direction the new online-only games will go. The company obviously has a successful model in place in its Ultima Online persistent world, but Origin is promising to explore new and exciting areas as it expands its horizons in the massively multi-player market. We'll have more on this story in future issues, as we delve ever deeper to bring you the facts regarding this fascinating new development from the group whose slogan is "We Create Worlds". It looks like they may want to add the word "Online" to that catchphrase from here on out.

Rapier, Twice Removed Update ID

What ever happened to the Rapier-turned-Pod-Racer that appeared in various behindthe scenes pictures from Star Wars? Here's the word from TheForce.net...
Remember seeing that wild looking pod from the BBC special way back when? Yeah, the one that looked like a prototype pod racer or a cloud car but with 747 engines attached to it! Observant readers have asked where this shows up in the movie, but we thought it must have been discarded. All the designs were great and creative. One gone? No problem.

Here's a Timeline Update ID

I saw over at Lanced.net that Digital Anvil has added a DA timeline to their web site -- including sections for Wing Commander. What's of note? This quote: "Roberts is in Luxembourg directing the first of a planned series of films based on his award winning game platform."

Pre-Order Stars Update ID

Barnes and Noble is offering the next Wing Commander novel, Pilgrim Stars, to pre-order for only $5.20! According to their site the book is 256 pages long and will be available in August...

Our Daily Bread Update ID

Well, it's 5:30AM, and I'm about to head off to exams... hurrah. I'm going to call around about the cross today, because I want one now, dammit! Grin, anyway, I've been reading Peter Telep's Descent: Stealing Thunder between classes (I'm about half through), and must highly reccomend it... it's a lot more serious than the first Descent book, and still provides a very enjoyable read. Very interesting story, too... let's hope Pilgrim Stars is as good.

A Correction Update ID

David Swofford (Origin's Director of Communications) was kind enough to point out that OSI is not working on USAF, as mentioned in a May 22nd news update. USAF is an Electronic Arts project, which discounts the theory that former Wing Commander team members are working on it. In addition, yesterday's update about WC DVD should have listed the Amazon price as $24.99, not $20.99. My mistake...

Tired of the Cross Yet? Update ID

Of course you are, we are all. You just want it now! Harry Tse wrote back to me with some encouraging news... When he called about getting the cross, the price quoted to him was $69.99. That's in Canadian dollars, so it may be that the cross is much cheaper than expected. Harry also found a local retailer in Vancouver, which puts to rest theories of rarities and a lack of availability in Canada...

Our Daily Bread Update ID

Eeek! Sorry about that, people, my ISDN line has been out and I was unable to update yesterday. And right in the middle of finals... Oh well, my last English essay is due tommorow, and I've worked in the Wing Commander novel to an appropriate extent -- it should be interesting to get this one back...

Internal Details Update ID

Boomer posted the below over at the WOO chat board. Most of it has pretty much already been mentioned, but I personally am shocked that Neil Young isn't with Origin anymore. He was a great guy, and a big part of what got both the CIC and Secret Ops rolling... he'll definitely be missed.
Privateer 3 is dead (the team being 'axed' months ago, either fired or absorbed into the Ultima Online team) and the only WC title being discussed as the next offering is Wing Commander Online. And from a recent interview with R. Garriott I just read that strategy doesn't seemed to have changed since I left.

Just before I left the entire Maverick team, responsible for the single player Wing Commanders, was fired (or mostly quit). One (or two) did remain to join Andy Hollis's Skunkworks team (responsible for OSI Janes titles). Not sure what they'll be doing next since OSI isn't going to work on any more Janes titles. Supposedly... Paul Grace (EA's exec producer for Janes) has since left EA and there isn't any more internal Janes teams at EA (only the Baltimore crew remains). So I suspect that decision might be being revisited now. I also just heard Neil Young (OSI's GM & biggest fan & champion for WC) is no longer with OSI, being replaced by someone from EA (all accounts are the new GM knows what he's doing and should be good for OSI).

Anyway, when I left Andy Hollis was in charge of the 'Wing Commander Franchise'. This is both good news and bad: Good news being Andy knows how to produce a great game. The bad news being there is no one left at OSI that really *knows* the plot/storyline inside/out like the old Maverick crew. Thus I expect a 'shift in the time/space continuum' regarding the next WC game ;). Especially since I just heard WCO is being 'farmed out' to an external development team.

Money, For What It's Worth Update ID

Wing Commander took in $10,055 dollars on 25 screens in this 11th week of release. The movie is up to $11,565,864 in the US -- but it's still sort of amusing to think that about 2,000 people saw Wing Commander instead of Star Wars this weekend... I wish the movie were still around here so I could have been amongst them.

Canadian Information Update ID

Harry Tse reports that House of Knives in Vancouver will have no problem selling the Pilgrim Crosses, but that it will take 6-8 weeks for delivery. As soon as contact information is available, I'll stick it up here...

Get it Cheap! Update ID

Vaaseulreports that the best way to get WC on VHS when it first comes out is to join the Columbia House Video Club. Here's what he says...
If people really want to get the WC movie on VHS when it first comes out, an alternative would be to join the Columbia House Video Club. Their movies are a little more expensive, but you get the first 9 for something like 30 bucks and they'll probably have WC for about $25 within a month of its release.

Counting Down Update ID

Thanks to Trelane we now have a nifty countdown thing... if there's any date that you need added, let me know! No dates are final, naturally...

Our Daily Bread Update ID

I finally picked up one of those ultra-cool double-bladed light sabers... now I can... I don't know what I can do now, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. Lots of work on the encyclopedia going on, I'm going to finish the damned thing yet. Sorry about all the delays, it's just one of those projects that eats your soul...

Bad Luck, Canucks Update ID

Edward Pang reports that after speaking with a local knife dealer it appears that the Pilgrim Crosses may not be allowed in Canada due to laws against concealed blades.

It Will Only Get Harder Update ID

Scrapper sent me a copy of his Prophecy Plus program, which automatically modifies WCP to make it more interesting. Grab it here, and check the readme for information as to exactly what it does. I tried it out last night, and it's pretty cool. It will not work with Secret Ops, however.

Priced to Rent Update ID

Bad news for those of you who have yet to make the switch to DVD -- the initial VHS release of Wing Commander on July 6th will be priced to rent -- which means that you can't have it unless you're willing to spend $103.99. Amazon will lower that price to $88.39, but they still advise you wait the several months it'll take it to be a normal price. Still, they're selling Wing Commander DVD ($24.49), Wing Commander VHS and Wing Commander VHS w/ Spanish Subtitles...

Questionable Response Update ID

Kirha mailed Origin regarding the next Wing Commander game... this is what they had to say!
Unfortunately I have not heard much information concerning this title. I do know that some of the team that is working on the game is still working on USAF. When that is completed, they will join the WC team. Please keep an eye on our web page for any further updated information.

Cross Confusion Update ID

According to RAMROD his local knife dealer reports that the Pilgrim Cross will be available only in limited quantities (possibly as low as only 500 pieces) and will be very expensive. That's a far cry from the $43 originally quoted to me by United Cutlery. More as soon as possible...

Double Week Update ID

Both the new Week 26 and 27 Trivia questions are out. If you're unfamiliar with a Double Week, twice as many questions and points are available, so they're great opportunities to get started in the trivia game. You can find the new questions here.

Our Daily Bread Update ID

I've gotten a lot of worried mail from people over Origin's descision to farm out Wing Commander Online to some other company -- I should stress that this isn't necessarily a bad thing! For example, what if the other company is something like Digital Anvil or Bootprint? Then the people who did the previous games would be doing the new one too! The basic point is that we should just wait for more information to be available... don't start screaming yet!

Boxed In Update ID

Reel has posted the below thumbnail of the Wing Commander Movie box artwork... check it out, larger image when one becomes available. Ooh, and it appears that the movie is "an action packed thrill ride!"...

Our Daily Bread Update ID

Well, Star Wars madness is in full force everywhere (not a pun). I saw it twice yesterday, and it was a fairly incredible movie -- I'd rank it up there with the original (below Empire and above Jedi). As with Wing Commander, the critics are just plain wrong. Today's WC news is either very good or very bad, depending on how you look at it...

Bleem Update Update ID

I... aquired... the full version of Bleem! (so as to test WC3 & 4, naturally) and both games work. I suppose I'll have to buy it now... thanks to Phoenix for letting me test it.

Pass it On Update ID

Lady Whisper of WOO recently returned from the E3, reporting some interesting news about the future of Wing Commander. This, straight from Richard Garriott goes with some odd rumors I've heard lately...
1. Maverick be dead. Wing Commander Online will be the next WC game out, and it is being farmed out to a non-OSI company. Which company this is was not mentioned. However, he did mention Andy Hollis' group as one of the four remaining at OSI, so it doesn't look like he's the one doing it afterall. So for pretty much all intents and purposes, WC looks dead aside from WCO.

No New Novels Update ID

After lots and lots of running around I've finally gotten a response from Baen -- they are not currently planning any more Wing Commander books. Damned shame, but at least we have two more novels from HarperCollins...

Good Novel News Update ID

Amazon is starting to take pre-orders for Wing Commander: Pilgrim Stars. There's no plot description yet, but the price is $6.50 and the ISBN number is 0-06-105986-2. Grab it here.

DVD Specifications Update ID

Here's the specifications for Wing Commander DVD... from DVDFile. Doesn't sound like it has anything new in it, but here's to hoping this isn't 100 percent correct.
Twentieth Century Fox
MSRP: $34.95
Confirmed Jul 13, 1999

Disc Specifications
Disc Type: Single-Layer (DVD-5)
Region Code: 1
Subtitles: English
Closed Captioning: English
THX Certified: No

Video Specifications
Full Frame: No
Widescreen: 2.35:1
16x9 Enhanced: Yes

Audio Specifications
Dolby Digital: English 5.1, English 2.0
Surround DTS: None
PCM: None

Disc Features
Access Features: Interactive Menus / Scene Access
Production Notes: Yes
Filmmaker Biographies: Yes
Theatrical Trailer(s): Yes
TV Spots: No
Alternate Edits: None
Deleted Scenes: No
Audio Commentary: No
Isolated Score: No
Making Of Features: No
Storyboards: No
Stills / Photos: No
Music Video(s): No
DVD-ROM Content: No
Multiple Angles: No
Additional Features: None

Withdrawal Symptoms Going Away.. Update ID

Wow, it feels good to be back. My old P100 died last Friday and I've spent the past week shopping for a new system and staring at my blank old monitor. Having a P3 is great (after skipping the P166/200 step practically everyone took, we decided to splurge a bit), but it wasn't until after I got everything up and running that I realized I haven't really bought any games since WCP. So.. I'll have to go pick up SC3000 or something that takes advantage of real hardware. I'm still getting everything together here, but I was able to recover my old hard drives so things like the early Week 25 trivia scores haven't been lost. Hopefully things like trivia should be back up to normal by the end of this weekend. By the way, the last program running before my old system died was the SETI@home software. Nevertheless, I still recommend downloading it. :)

Star Wars! Update ID

Every other form of press media mentioned Star Wars about eighty times today so why shouldn't we?

The Daily Bread Update ID

Well, I caved. Samcat and I are going to go see the 12:01 show of Star Wars tonight before going off to see it at a nice theater at 10. I'll post my thoughts tommorow... Chris stopped by DALnet today, but I was asleep... apparently he'll (hopefully) be back up to speed tommorow. Here's to hoping...

Lillard, Toys Update ID

Jumpstart reports that former Maniac Matthew Lillard appeared on the Sci Fi Channel's Star Wars Unauthorized program where he talked about playing with his action figures an hour before his senior prom. With the advent of Wing Commander figures, Lillard can finally play with himself... which is what I did hours before my senior prom... and during... and after. The program is running constantly this week, because, hey, it's either that, Sliders or SeaQuest...

My Obutu! Update ID

You want to buy an Obutu? I'm telling you, you do! Unfortunately there's a snowballs chance in hell of X-Toys ever producing such an obscure character -- so do the next best thing! This October Hasbro will be releasing 8th wave of Star Wars toys, which includes a Captain Panaka (who was played by the same actor). For those living in caves, the line of Star Wars toys is to the same scale as the Wing Commander figures... picture as soon as possible.

VideoCD? Update ID

It's the visual version of the 8-track, and ten to one odds are that it's slightly very illegal, but VCD Paradise is selling Wing Commander on VCD. At $7, it may be something to experiment with before the DVD comes out... (Thanks to Mexican for reporting this).

SETI@Home Update ID

Brendan Johnson asks that we update about the new SETI@Home screensaver, which allows you to use your computer to help examine data from the radio telescope. Grab yours here and let's get some advance warning before the next alien invasion...

Half a Million Update ID

I'd like to congratulate the rest of the staff on hitting the noble 500,000 hits mark. Good going, people!

The Daily Bread Update ID

Of all the suggestions I got (thanks, people!) I liked this one the best -- it's thanks to Christian Geroux! I think it's the one I'm going to end up using. Nothing much happening here, just waiting for the weekend's box office figures to come out and finishing up a bit of encyclopedia stuff. My brothers (Bee Czar and Gavin) have set off for the Uptown to join the Star Wars line -- I'll probably go up and meet 'em tomorrow afternoon. There's a nifty webcam set up there, so keep watching and maybe you'll see us...

Isn't it Ironic? Update ID

Star Wars site extraordinare TheForce.Net has posted pictures from the building of the 'Pod Race' sequence for the movie -- except they're not, they're pictures of Wing Commander's Rapier fighter. Kinda funny how the Rapier is "great" when it's mistaken for something from Star Wars... there appear to have been some changes made in the Rapiers since we last saw them, perhaps they were actually used in TPM? We'll know on Wednesday...

Box Office Actuals Update ID

Wing Commander came in 78th this week, earning an additional $11,576. The movie is currently playing on 26 screens in this tenth week in release. In total the film has made $11,552,291.

WC & Ebert Update ID

AD reports that Ebert showed a clip from Wing Commander while talking about how science fiction has been influenced by 2001 & Star Wars. I'd have a clip for you, if ATI would go ahead and ship my fricking AIW 128...

Your Title Goes Here! Update ID

In an effort to be even more of a Wing Commander based ripoff of every other gaming news site ever, I've decided to start doing one of those meaningless daily rambling updates -- the catch is, naturally, it needs a title. I'm asking for any suggestions, since I can't really think of anything that fits -- it should somehow work in either my callsign (Bandit) or my name (LOAF). Winner gets... the honor of having their slogan used?

BLEEM! Update ID

BluesNews reports that the commercial Playstation editor Bleem! has been released. I tried the demo (the full version costs around $30) on Wing Commander III and IV PSX, and they both seemed to run just fine -- I'll let you know how it works with the real thing.

Cross News! Update ID

RAMROD was kind enough to call United Cutlery for us, where he found that the Pilgrim Crosses are, and I repeat are still coming out! They will be shipped to distributors on June 15th. Apparently a company in Georgia, BudK Worldwide has placed a large order for them. BudK can be contacted at (912) 985 1667.

Fried Chips Update ID

Sorry folks, but unless some kind of miracle occurs, there'll be no new trivia today. A couple of days back, Chris' computer died so he'll be offline for an unknown amount of time. Normal service shall be resumed shortly.

Wing Commander in Panama Update ID

-=PHOEN|X=- reports that the Wing Commander movie is opening tonight and tomorrow at military bases in Panama, where it will probably run for several weeks. Phoenix reports that it opens on Howard at 8pm tonight and Clayton at 6:30pm tomorrow. I knew I should have joined the army...

Where's the Cross Update ID

Today was the supposed release day for the Pilgrim Cross from United Cutlery. I'll try and figure out where it is when the world opens back up on Monday... I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we can get it real soon now!

Lord British Speaks Update ID

Here's a usefull little tidbit from an interview GuruTech did with Origin founder Richard Garriott... the rest of the interview can be found here, but it's all UltimaStuff.
Q: I've heard that all games made by origin after Ultima: Ascension will be online-only. Is there any truth to this?

A: For a time, yes. Each team at origin will do an Online game next. That will make ~5 in development and operation.

LOAF's Media Coverage Update ID

Yay, I'm a star! By which I mean loser... anyway, check out this article in USA Today. My brothers (pictured there), some friends and I waited for 36 hours to get Star Wars at DC's sweet Uptown theater. There was lots of free stuff, and we got to be on TV and I got to confess my obsession with the local FOX Affiliate's helicopter traffic report woman live... anyway, we're all heading back to the line to get good seats in a few days, so anyone else going should feel free to look us up.

Stealing Thunder Update ID

For those still wondering, the second Descent book seems to be finally appearing everywhere -- I was able to grab a copy of Stealing Thunder to read while in line for Star Wars. It lists the next book as being titled 'Descent: Equinox'. (Erm, and I don't know how it is, because I didn't get time to read it... I will soon, though).

Peter Telep Site Update ID

Richard J Bowden has set up a official site based on Peter Telep's Decent novels, which you can see here. Tis very nice... has a calander, pictures, information on the next Descent book and lots of other cool stuff. Which reminds me that I completely forgot to thank Peter Telep for sending me the cover image to Pilgrim Stars after I ditched my old computer and email archives...

Fourth of July Plus Two Update ID

DVD Express is now listing the Wing Commander DVD as having a July 6th release date, and is allowing pre-orders. According to the site, it will have only an English audio track, be regionally coded and have a 100 minute running time. The most positive bit of information is the fact that it's retail price is $34.90 -- the level at which DVD's usually include lots of cool extras. Ordering from DVD Express will get you a 30% discount.

Unexpected Circumstances Update ID

We mentioned an article by Chris Roberts at Next Generation a few days ago -- what we neglected to show was the entire article, which can be read here. The strange thing? It starts off with an excerpt from his schedule, including "Tomorrow: 3 p.m. Interview with the New Yorker. Games to movies." Is the New Yorker going to run an article on the Wing Commander movie?

More News Thanks To ATFW Update ID

The results of ATFW's recent "Best Space Sim" poll are in. Officially, I-War came in first with 18% of the vote and the Wing Commander Series in second with 17%. However there were also separate categories for Privateer, WC3, WC4 and Prophecy. Overall, WC games took 35%.

What He's Been Doing Lately Update ID

Chris Roberts had the following to say at Next Gen. Thanks to ATFW.
Freelancer, my epic space opera set in an insanely detailed and massive universe, is behind closed doors in the Microsoft suite. That's because Freelancer is over a year off and I'm not quite ready to unveil it in all its glory to my competitors (and their videocameras). This isn't a jab at them, just a statement of fact. I'm just as shamelessly checking out rival space games in my quest to make sure I have everything they have and then some! And I learnt painfully with Strike Commander that it's not too smart to show your hand too early. (We showed Strike at three CES shows before shipping the product!).

News Flurry Update ID

Intwydamalu sent us a note to tell everyone that due to E3, there'll be an increased amount of Starlancer news in the near future. I recommend Lanced.net for your day to day Starlancer needs, however we'll also have notable developments here as well.
Just wanted to let you know that the flurry has begun. I have made tons of updates with exclusive screenshots, new game play info and an Official FactSheet. Also, many links to other E3 sites that have exclusive stuff.

Movie Details After Nine Weeks Update ID

Wing Commander dropped to 80th place this week.
Number of
80 Wing Commander FOX $7,211 $11,538,716 9 35
The way the numbers stacked up, if Wing Commander made as much as it did in its opening weekend this last weekend it would have come in at fourth place in its opening weekend instead of seventh.

ATFW Poll Results Update ID

The results for the recent ATFW Poll that asked what game you want covered most at E3 were released today. The next Wing Commander game came in first with 36% of the vote. Starlancer came in at fourth with 8%. The results of the "Best Space Sim Ever" poll are expected soon.

Trivia Milestone Update ID

The new alt.games.wing-commander/CIC Trivia turned twenty-five weeks old today. Five people have played each week (Philip Langdale, Midnight, Raptor, Peekaboo and Dexter) and dozens more play regularly. To make it easier to play this week, you can find Week 25 Questions below. For detailed rules, check out the Trivia page.

New Questions for Week 25 (starting May 9, 1999):
Question 49: What is a distinguishing characteristic of the Mace missile/torpedo?
Question 50: What is a distinguishing characteristic of the Pike missile/torpedo?
Bonus 25: What is a distinguishing characteristic of the Banshee missile/torpedo?
Please email answers to ChrisReid@wcnews.com before May 16, 1999.

AVIs to Pass the Time Update ID

Since there is still a lack of news, and since Microsoft have released teasers of what will be up for show at E3 this year, we thought we'd post a short AVI of the upcoming game Starlancer. If you'd like to take a look, you can download a local copy here.

Unconventional Update ID

William Forstchen, author of various greater works of Wing Commander fiction, will be the Guest of Honor at the 1999 InConJunction in Indianapolis from July 2 to July 4. If anyone is planning on attending, please try and find out whether he's still working on the Wing Commander series!

Back! Update ID

Some may have noticed that I've been offline for several days -- I've been putting together a new computer {drool}, which finally works. If you've been trying to contact me over the last couple of days, try again and I should be able to respond.

Pictures to Pass the Time Update ID

In the absence of regular news, we thought some might be interested in the latest round of screenshots for the upcoming Starlancer. Gamespot UK recently put up a gallery of thirteen shots that you can view here and Lanced.net has their ubiquitous Screen Shot Contest here. To me they look like what P2's engine would be if they'd had another year's development and incorporated hardware acceleration.

Armada Anyone? Update ID

Jon Hoffman asked us to reissue his Armada Battle Challenge. If there appears to be a lot of interest in Armada telephone modem battles, we could also set up a sub-section here at the CIC dedicated to connecting willing Armada players.
Ok, once again I place a challenge on the group for anyone wanting to do battle in the Wing commander universe, using ARMADA of course, heh. I have it working on my Win95 machine, so if anyone needs help getting it going I might have some tips. I will pay for the 1st battle and if you want to battle again then you call me the 2nd time, this way we effectively split any long distance charges. I am in Santa Barbara, California, USA. I get 5c/minute all weekend to anywhere in the USA. So if anyone in the US wants to battle and has Aramada, you have nothing to lose. I will call 1st and then you don't have to call back for another battle:), FREE for you that way

Lets Fight!,

-Jon callsign:Tiger22

What a Nice Guy Update ID

After seeing the WC movie, avid WC fan Paul Tseng took the time to actually write and snail mail Chris Roberts to express his thoughts about the movie. And to return the gesture, Roberts sent Tseng a letter back. You can find a scanned picture of the letter (to preserve the neat letterhead and such) below.

Tank-killed? Update ID

An anonymous source (read: absolutely not Chelsea) reports that the Jane's A-10 team may not be scheduled to work on a Wing Commander afterall -- hopefully we'll know more soon.

Obutu Disses Luxembourg Update ID

Hugh Quarshie had the following to say about Wing Commander over at Cinescape.
When asked by fans at the Star Wars con about his appearance in the earlier sci-fi effort Wing Commander, Quarshie admitted to the audiences that "he hasn't seen it yet…I can say the experience of making it [is one] I do not want to repeat again." He explained that the conditions at the studio where the film was shot were poor and made for an unpleasant shoot.

Midnight Madness Update ID

Well, I went to the big Star Wars sale at Toys R Us... and here's the proof, a receipt for two Wing Commander action figures dated 1:10 AM March 3rd... (Oh, I did buy some nifty Star Wars stuff like a big fish thing, but I bought the WC stuff separately to get this cool piece of paper...).

Happy Birthday, ATFW! Update ID

Beth over at A Talent for War has posted an editorial looking at the first year of the greatest space sim news site in the business (make no mistake, even if it weren't the only one, it would still be the best). Since she was kind enough to thank the CIC, let me do the same for ATFW -- and wish them well in year two. I have no idea how they pull it off, since I lose sleep over just Wing Commander...

Addendum Update ID

Oh, something I forgot to mention in my earlier updated -- the release date for Pilgrim Stars has been moved up to September, 1999. We'll probably see it around August. HarperCollins must think the novel rules -- my money says we'll feel the same way.

More Merchandise Update ID

Thanks to everyone who wrote interested in helping with the merchandise project! What I'm posting now is essentially a beta version of the text... or a collection of my notes. You can see what's missing, what's there, etc. I'm looking for any information that it requires as well as pictures of various projects since this will eventually be translated into a web page. Check out the text HERE.

Jane's A-10 Update ID

The Jane's Simulations page reports that Jane's A-10 will not be released until Fall, 1999 (rather than the earlier announced Spring, 1999). This is important to Wing Commander fans, because the team working on A-10 is scheduled to work on the next WC game following A-10's completion.

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