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KIS Vorghath# 1131 

Name KIS Vorghath
Class Dreadnought - (ex. KIS Agon Ra Sivar)
Note False Colors Kilrathi Dreadnought
Faction Kilrathi Empire
About The KIS Vorghath, or Vorghath the Hunter to use its full name was badly damaged when Kilrah went up. The ship only just escaped the system and the crew had been making makeshift repairs while being hounded by Melek's units.

When Vorghath arrived at Baka Kar where Dawx Jhorrad pledged his loyalty to Ukar dai Ragark, the ship needed a refit. The shields and generators needed retuning and the hull needed patching and new stores.

When Vorghath docked at Asharazhal some of the crew left the ship, no longer bound by their oath to the Empire.

When the Landreich learned of the Vorghath, they decided to attack while the ship was still being repaired as the threat was too large to ignore.

A Landreich force including the recently repaired FRLS Mjollnir attacked the Vorghath. Mjollnir concentrated fire on the planetary bombardment tubes on the bow, causing the whole front of the Vorghath to blow up, leaving a gaping maw. Unable to completely destroy Vorghath due to incoming Kilrathi forces, the Landreich forces retreated.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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