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Darlene Babcock# 288 

Name Darlene Babcock
Callsign Babe
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
Race Human
Died 2671.042
About Darlene Babcock was Squadron Commander of the Flying Eyes, FRLS Independence's Hornet squadron. The Flying Eyes were transferred to the FRLS Mjollnir for Project Goliath. She often regretted her assignment during the derelict's long refit. The pilots had little to do and the crew quarters were in bad shape and not exactly on the priority list for overhaul. She also preferred working under Wing Commander Kevin Tolwyn on the Independence. He gave her a greater degree of control over the squadron than Jason Bondarevsky did on Mjollnir.

Geoffrey Tolwyn thought she had a promising career ahead of her, maybe even commanding a carrier or a battle group.

She died covering FRLS Mjollnir's retreat from Baka Kar after the raid on KIS Vorghath.

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Last modified Aug 6 2003


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