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Dawx Jhorrad# 4 

Name Dawx Jhorrad
Faction Kilrathi Empire
Race Kilrathi
About What commoner Dawx Jhorrad lacked in nobility he more than made up for in charisma.

Half his face was hidden by prostetics. He had a faceplate with a bionic eye and ear, the result of the TCS Tarawa's raid on Kilrah. He destroyed two Confederation capital ships in the Battle of Earth. After Kilrah's destruction he refused to obey Melek, and he went into exile with his ship, the KIS Vorghath. He spent some time fighting off Melek and the other clans, who were all either jealous or afraid of his ship.

Ukar dai Ragark bargained for Jhorrad to join forces with him, and at Asharazhal Orbital Station the Captain pledged his loyalty to the Kilrathi warlord, adding the KIS Vorghath to the fleet.

When FRLS Caliburn, FRLS Durendal and FRLS Xenophon jumped into the system in a diversionary action, Dawx Jhorrad decided not to put the ship on alert, thinking they'd never reach the Dreadnought. His complacency left the Vorghath vulnerable to attack from the FRLS Mjollnir, posing as a Kilrathi ship.

Dawx Jhorrad survived the attack his ship, but the vessel was crippled and out of action for a long time.

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Last modified Aug 9 2003


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