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Melek# 1560 

Name Melek
Race Kilrathi
About Melek was the chee'dyachee (the senior vassal and highest ranked retainer) to Prince Thrakhath during the latter days of the Kilrathi War, until the Prince's death in 2669. As such, Melek was a trusted servant who wielded considerable power in the Prince's name. However, Melek came to regret his position because of the Prince's temper, and because he was unable to voice his doubts. Melek was beginning to develop respect for the Terrans, and grew worried by Thrakhath's contempt for the Confederation. Because of this, Thrakhath considered replacing him, even though Melek had served him well.

Melek was aboard the Hvar'kann, Thrakhath's flagship, in the Kilrah system when Kilrath itself was destroyed. With the Imperial line all but wiped out in the blast, and Thrakhath himself killed in an ariel duel with Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall, Melek took command. When the Hvar'kann tractored in Blair's ejection seat, Melek declined to take revenge for the loss of his homeworld. Instead, he offered the Kilrathi's surrender. Melek believed that the Kilrathi had paid the price for their bloodlust and corruption,and that the Confederation and the Kilrathi may have to work together in the future against the races harrassing the far side of the now fallen Empire. He asked Blair to carry the offer of surrender to his superiors. Melek was later part of the Kilrathi delegation that signed the Treaty of Torgo that offically ended the Kilrathi War, converting the initial ceasefire into a lasting peace.

By 2670, Melek was the leader of a caretaker Kilrathi government, and called himself Chancellor. His government did not claim the throne, and would have turned over command to the rightful heir. Murragh Cakg dai Nokhtak, a distant nephew of Thrakhath who had the best claim to the throne, believed Melek was honest and would have kept his word. However, many other clan leaders and senior officials ignored Melek. Amoung these was Ukar dai Ragark, a Kilrathi warlord who moved against the Lanreich. Melek wouldn't have minded if the Landreich had taken care of Ragark, as it would have saved Melek fighting him for control of the Kilrathi worlds. When Dawx Jhorrad took the dreadnaught Vorghath the Hunter to join Ragark, Melek sent units to hound the ship in an unsuccessful attempt to stop it joining Ragark's forces.

In 2673, Melek crossed paths with Christopher Blair once again while leading a covoy from 89 Hydrae B to Pasqual. The convoy was attacked by Black Lance fighters, and seven of the thirteen ships were destroyed. Blair and several other pilots operating off the BWS Intrepid drove off the attackers and escorted the Kilrathi ships to safety. Blair's fighter was damaged in the battle, and he landed on Melek ship rather than risk returning to the Intrepid. Here he learnt that Melek and many other Kilrathi regarded him as a saviour. Melek believed that the war with the Confederation had corrupted the Kilrathi. The Kilrathi had picked up things like treachery and assassination from the humans, and for that the wargod had denied them victory. Because of this, Melek treated Blair as an honoured guest, even offering him a Kilrathi concubine as a companion for the night before sending him on his way. What became of Melek after this, and what role if any he had in the formation of the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans seen in 2681 is not known.

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