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Jason Bondarevsky# 1564 

Name Jason Bondarevsky
Callsign Bear
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
Race Human
Family His mother (maiden name is Houston) is Australian still alive ER p.165 father is Russian ER p.99 Older brother Joshua. ER p.104
Homeworld Centauri System, Razin,
About Jason "Bear" Bondarevsky was raised in a Russian Colony on Razin, Alpha Centauri. His father was Russian, his mother (maiden name Houston) was Australian. Jason's first language was Russian, and he initally struggled with writing English, the language of the Fleet. He had an older brother, Joshua, who joined the Confederation Marines.

Jason never really knew his father, who was away fighting in the war. He was sixteen when his father was killed. A week later, he stole a birth certificate from the local clerk's office, forged it to lie about his age, and signed up as an enlisted man.

He was a second class flight deck mate on his first cruise. Two years later he went to flight school, where he met Janice Parker and fell in love with Svetlanna Ivanova. Unfortunately she failed her “Advanced Spaceflight and Jump Point Physics” course exam and washed out of the Acedemy. She decided if she couldn’t fly she’d go where the action was. She refused to pull an assignment on board the Gettysburg with Bear, where they could have been together, perhaps even gotten married. Instead, she joined the Marines.

During Jason's time at flight school, his brother had been killed in the defense of Khorsan, four years after his father's death. Upon graduation Bear was transferred to the TCS Gettysburg. In 2664 Bear first met Captain Grierson, Commander of the destroyer Intrepid, when he tractored in Bear’s ejection pod with a couple of Kilrathi destroyers on his tail.

In 2667.072, the Gettysburg’s captain, Commander Cain, ordered his pilots to open fire on unarmed Kilrathi civilian transports. The pilots refused, and that triggered a successful mutiny. Afterwards, the mutineers divided into two factions: the pirates who wished to continue their new careers of terrorism, led by Colonel Ransom, and those who would rather return to the Confederation, if at all possible, led by Lt. Colonel Poelma and Lt. Jason Bondarevsky.

Running low on supplies, the Gettysburg jumped from N'Tanya to the Rigel system to raid the Rigel Supply Depot. Led by Colonel Ransom, the Gettysburg crew successfully took over the Rigel Supply Depot. One of the prisoners tried to escape, and Colonel Ransom's team turned it into a massacre.

Lt. Colonel Poelma, Lt. Bondarevsky, and the rest of his squadron told Ransom to go to hell. They retook the Gettysburg and left, leaving a majority of the mutineers' forces stationed at the Rigel Supply Depot, which became their temporary headquarters. Bondarevsky then negotiated with Admiral Tolwyn for the crew and the Gettysburg to return unharmed to stand trial for their actions.

He was decorated and promoted for his actions during the Gettysburg affair. Tolwyn took him on for a tour of duty on the Concordia. Afterwards, he was promoted again and assigned as Wing Commander aboard a new escort carrier, TCS Tarawa.

While aboard Tarawa he led fighters in the assault on Vukar Tag. When the Tarawa was joined by a complement of Marines for a diversionary attack on the Kilrathi homeworld, Jason was reunited with Svetlana. The two reignited their romance during the journey to Kilrah, but it ended tragically, with Svetlana sacrificing her life to help complete the mission. Jason was forced to take command of the Tarawa when his captain, Commodore Thaddeus O’Brian, died when a Kilrathi went kamikaze and crashed his ship into Tarawa’s bridge.

He barely led the ship out of Kilrah intact, but her escorts, including the Intrepid, were lost. Jason received the Medal of Honor for his part in operation Backlash. He was offered command of a new light carrier or the chance to join Admiral Banbridge’s staff. He refused both to remain in charge of Tarawa.

Jason remained in official command of the Tarawa until she was decomissioned and sold to the Free Republich of Landreich after the Armistice. Jason was among the Confederation personnell who went to the Landreich with the ship at Admiral Tolwyn's behest. While serving with the Landreich, he took the Tarawa on a dangerous mission behind Kilrathi lines that helped expose the Armistice as a sham. After helping defend the Landreich from a Kilrathi attack, the Tarawa was amoung the Landreich ships that rushed to Confed's aid at the Battle Of Terra, arriving just in time to save Earth from deadly Strontium 90 warheads.

After the Battle of Terra, Jason was assigned to command the destroyer TCS Coventry, the flagship of a destroyer squadron supporting the TCS Victory. During the operation, the Coventry was lost to a minefield, and Jason was badly wounded, losing an arm. He spent the rest of the war recuperating, and retired after the war with a courtesy promotion to Commodore.

After the war, he was recruited by Admiral Tolwyn to serve again with the forces of the Landreich. He was made Wing Commander of the FRLS Mjolnir. The Mjolnir, a salvaged Kilrathi carrier, was used by the Landreich to destroy a dreadnaught commanded by a Kilrathi warlord threatening the Landreich. Jason later reached the rank of Rear Admiral.

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