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Elaine (Writer)# 552 

Name Elaine (Writer)
Faction Civilian
Race Human
About Elaine was a writer for a magazine. She was sent up to the moon for a few days to write an article on the Kilrathi-Human Friendship Committee, which had been established during the false armistice. She had an older brother who put in two tours with the Marines before he was invalided out.

She was with Professor Dave Torg's company in the Vacuum Breather. The most sincere in the group, she seemed bothered by some of his comments and showed the most understanding towards veterans like Jason Bondarevsky.

She gave Jason her business card with her office phonenumber written on it. She might have been interested in writing an article about him. Although it would have been an opportunity for Jason to give a more accurate account of the raid on Kilrah than First To Kilrah! The Movie had, he did not accept the invitation and left her card behind in the Vacuum Breather.

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