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Jim Conklin# 381 

Name Jim Conklin
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Born Earth, America
Died 2667.160
Homeworld Earth, America
About An amiable sort from a back hill farming town in America, Jim leaves for the Academy. After graduating from the Academy, Jim Conklin was assigned to the TCS Tarawa.

Tarawa's flight wing flew cover for a marine landing on Vukar Tag in the opening stages of Operation Back Lash. Jim Conklin was the co-pilot of a Sabre in the atmospheric action. The Sabre was crippled and had to limp back to the Tarawa in space. Jason Bondarevsky ordered Kevin Tolwyn to escort it back, but Lone Wolf went chasing after a Sartha that was momentarily vectoring in on the crippled Sabre. With the escort lured away, three other Kilrathi craft took out the Sabre. Pilot, Griffin, and the tailgunner, Tarku, managed to eject and were later picked up. Co-pilot Jim Conklin died.

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