Wing Commander Flat Universe

Even with minimal changes on the development side, if the server and everything else is fully functional, it's not a bad idea to 'relaunch' the game to a modern audience. Provide updated introductions/tutorials, schedule competitive events and highlight other community features.

Right now during the holiday season isn't necessarily the best time to do this, but it's still worth considering.
Well, the stalemate is that there is (nearly) nobody logging in. We can't ask money for a fanbased game build off a known copyrighted IP OR money for the underlying services used, and I do not think EA is in the market for a construction for us to do so, why it would take money is in the next paragraph.

Server is always up and running in a premium German datacentre(high availability), where I have other projects too, and while I planned to optimize the network performance using multiple interconnected nodes worldwide, this would take a huge investment to maintain(server rent) and that can't be done for free. Recent test (international on the standard client home connection side)on the current setup: from Australia on the the ping is 250 minimum, and while testing with @DefianceIndustries and yourself you would find somewhere between 80/90 and 150, it would not be a fair match vs my Netherlands ping of between 5 and 20. As for futher development and finishing the game to meet current standards(the "modern audience" just wants easy playable shooters and not invest any time in learning any skill if you ask me), this is up to @Maslas

Ofcourse we can always meet up on Discord if you(or anyone else) wants to go a few rounds. And if you want to do a few practice runs you can always create a solo session..
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Unfortunately, due to how I always spread myself thin, I have never had the chance of giving this a try but I am very grateful for the efforts being made.

I think it is a great project and of course, just like the great developers duo recommended, hats off to Mace for hosting.

Thank you!
It's been ages since we made any activity on this forum and any progress on this project too 😔. We are really sorry about that.
Our love to the WC Universe is never ending.
As you may or you may not know for the past years we've been working professionally in the simulation industry and there haven't been any tiny bit of time to spare in anything else but work and families.
Hopefully, by next year we will come to a point of having some time to spare...
You never know what might happen 😉
We all can but be thankful for all you have done for us, Maslas!

I did know about your employment in the simulation industry and that the available time for the Flat Universe project was to be reduced to a minimum. It's understandable, of course. But like you said, one never knows what can happen and it may be that you will return to active development here.

It certainly is the hope of us all!

Best regards!
I will try to get the gemini sector crew to join, maybe we can do an RP in 2d space, my character will need to grow an extra dimension to do that though. ;)